Past – Present – Future


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I believe in reincarnation.

I believe that my Husband and I have been together before and always will be, life time to life time.

I also believe that he was in WWII…There are MANY reasons for this…

I haven’t posted in a while and since I am being encouraged to post something I thought sharing my favorite song would be nice.

This song hits a place in my soul that is sacred and full of only love.

I might post the lyrics later but if I had to choose a song to describe our love this would be it…and this is for now I reserve the right to find another song if I ever find one that better fits but this is pretty spot on!

Post a comment, share your favorite song, do you believe in reincarnation? Do you have a love for/with someone that transcends everything? Please by all means share!

Enjoy the song, I recommend listening to it loud it has excellent base, its also a good one for in the dark if you know what I’m saying…

Here are the lyrics, read them while you listen, its really beautiful!

Oh I assure your real. I Am
Cause you are all I’ll ever need
Feel the force of you come pouring in
Oh we’ve loved such a long long way

To you I’ll always be young
Speaking in tongues of sweet surrender
Just like we breath with the leaves
I will always be there for you

It’s symbiotic. Like minded lover
Bring whatever. Amplifies your satisfaction
Drink it’s Holy water

In you I’ll always belong
See our white horse disarm the night air
Pure energy to physical rush
I will always be there for you

It’s symbiotic. Like minded lover
Bring whatever. Amplifies your satisfaction
Drink it’s Holy water

Just like we breath with leaves
The night it moans + heaves
We are the weft + weave
It’s symbiotic

It’s symbiotic. Like minded lover
Bring whatever. Amplifies your satisfaction
Drink it’s Holy Water

Yes it actually takes effort…


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Another post about family dynamics!

bread and stones

I know weird right? You offer bread and they offer a stone, seems to work here, makes sense to me…

How do you teach people that it takes effort on both sides?


When people, family members, complain because of whatever, they don’t feel they get enough attention, or they want x and you gave y, how does one communicate that effort is required on both ends?

And believe me I am fully aware, especially with extended family, that effort generally will be one sided and rarely reciprocated.

There could be a million reasons for that one, distance, time, age, those are the nice excuses.  In my opinion I think a basic attitude of not really giving a darn is more appropriate and accurate but that could be the cynic in me coming out.

But really when it comes to family that are complaining about this stuff what do you do? How do you handle it? How do you explain that they sort of have to meet you half way, they will need to make some effort?

Curious to hear what you have to say so please share…



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Home, finally…isn’t it such a good feeling to be home finally after you’ve been away for several weeks.  I love going on vacation but it is nice to come home.

I will write more later about our adventures, I have a special post even to share, I went nuts and decided to create a purple palette so I might share that.  Actually at this point I might just do a colorful palette or two next, then I think there won’t even be any more for me to add. All that later, for  now just sharing a cute picture!


Rocky Mountain High…


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Love ColoradoI was at the grocery store last night and the song by John Denver called “Rocky Mountain High” came on. As I walked from aisle to aisle everyone was singing along! Customers as well as employees of the store, it was hilarious.

When I hear this song I actually think of my kids High School.  All of our kids went to “Rocky Mountain High School” so when I hear the line “Rocky Mountain High, Colorado” that is what I think of.

So I listened to it again when I got home and it seriously is a beautiful song and it is so accurate, it probably describes a lot of peoples journeys here but it is pretty accurate about ours .

The best decision Kris and I ever made was to move to Colorado, we have been SO happy here, we never plan to leave.

We are grateful that our children have grown up in a liberal place where they’ve gained a realistic view in life.

We love the schools here, living in a state that doesn’t devote as many resources to education then moving to one that does you really  notice.

I think its truly God’s country, I am so happy that we live here! Its refreshing to live in a place where you completely fit in and feel like you belong. I love Colorado

The line in the song: “Talk to God and listen to his casual reply” I feel like that perfectly sums up Colorado for me, we were lead here, we are where we were meant to be and it is a beautiful place.

And yes you can get high here if you want and no one will bother you about it, its just an accepting liberal place.

I recommend visiting Colorado to anyone in the world who reads this, the Colorado Rockies are beautiful and something to see, and in my opinion much prettier and better looked after than the Utah side although the Utah Rockies are pretty too.

Sharing the song because it is just awesome.


Event Planning Continued…


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So I am still trying to figure all this family reunion stuff out.  I’ve received some amazing and awesome suggestions so thank you.

I think I still will likely buy a book about this or something.

What do you do? Is it sort of like a wedding without the wedding? Should I book a DJ? A band? What do you do about entertainment? Games? Prizes? Seriously?

My husband and I were at the grocery store tonight and they have this thing going on at the moment its all about the tastes of Spain! They have displays of stuff from Spain, cookies, different types of olive oil, dishes, etc. you get the point, its like a Spain festival.

FlamencoSo that got me thinking about a possible theme, I have ancestors from Spain on my Dad’s side, I have ancestors from other places as well. Wouldn’t it be fun to do like a melting pot kind of theme…I was thinking maybe get some Flamenco Dancers to come perform, or teach a little Flamenco lesson!

And this theme could go all sorts of ways, a little culture from a lot of places, foods, I don’t know how that would work with a caterer but then do you get these things catered?

As I said before I am flying blind here…I will figure this out, it will be fun!

So PLEASE send me more suggestions, whatever they are doesn’t matter I am open to anything.

If I am to host something like this it is going to be fun, it will be amazing, I am not interested in some lame party that is just stupid!

Yep, had to post some music…I’ve been SO into Shakira lately, I just love her! All this talk about family reunions is making me think about my Dad, I miss him so much…I think I will just go to Spain and enroll in a Castillian Spanish language course.

This is my absolute FAVORITE Shakira song, I also love Alejandro Sanz…


Event Planning…


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Recently we were approached and asked if we would be willing to host a family reunion of sorts.


So of course we said sure, it isn’t exactly the kind of thing you can decline.

I have no clue how to plan something like this. Who stays where? Should I call a hotel and book a bunch of rooms? Do people figure that stuff out on their own?  Invitations, do I send those or does someone else figure that out?

I am flying blind here.

I will book a photographer, I can handle that, because I think a nice photo is important.

Maybe I will buy a book about this or something?

So send me suggestions. What do you do? Have you ever hosted something like this before? What did you do?

I mean there is a local event happening which I believe is what is drawing people here to visit. A building is being dedicated so people like to visit the open house before that happens because once its dedicated you have to have a special pass to get in, its a religious building. So I get it, makes sense why people would want to visit, but I just have  no clue how to plan something like this!

Please share and whatever you do have a beautiful day!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Best Ever!


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I recently stumbled across an album that I think is one of the best ever.record

Now this doesn’t rise to the level of Kate Bush for me but seriously this is a really good album.

Who is it you ask?  None other than Billy Idol!

Now I was never super into Billy Idol, I always liked his hits, I liked his music but he wasn’t ever one of my favorites.

And I knew nothing about him as an artist, where he came from, other than he was British, I just didn’t know much else about him.

Well I stumbled across his album that he released in 2014 and it is seriously good!

Have a listen, explore Billy Idol again, you won’t be sorry it is that good.

Link is below, and this link is to the entire album!

Boot Envy…


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Clark's tall

These are the other ones, I think I’m going to order them in brown too…cute aren’t they!

I must be getting old.

I got these new snow boots and I am just so excited and happy about them.

You know you live in the Rocky Mountains when you are this happy about snow boots.

After Christmas sales are the best aren’t they!

This isn’t my only new pair of boots, my other ones my husband likes to joke that I should be Goose Stepping all over the house and he speaks German words when I enter the room.

They are super cute, in fact so cute that I think I am ordering another pair, I bought them in black but I think I’m going to order the brown pair as well.

Sharing pictures of my awesome snow boots, maybe I will share pictures of the others later, possibly when I order the brown ones.

They are Clark’s for anyone who sees this and must order them, Clark’s makes the best shoes and boots ever.

Not the most exciting post I know but whatever…the warmest, comfiest snow boots ever deserved a post!



Drama Queens…Decorating and Shambleton Revisited..


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Lots of stuff is rolling around in my mind!

Where to begin? Drama Queens is a good place to start.

Caln down DQSo is it just me or does everyone have a few of these in their lives? In their families?  That person who always has an issue with someone.

That individual who always has to be going on ad nauseam?

That person where its always “and one more thing” and that one more thing is never just one more thing, there are ten thousand one more things for them to go through and even then it never ends!

That person who is just unhappy with life I guess?  I don’t know what it is?

That person who only remembers the negative and has only pejorative things to say about the past, about growing up or events that happened.

And invariably their version of whatever, their perception of the event is always bizarre.

Seriously, is it just in my life that such a person exists? Drama Queen 3

For example take some event that happened a long time ago and involved several people, people who are and will always be part of your life.  No one would ever expect each individual to remember it exactly the same way but there is always that one person who will only remember the absolute worst thing, the most negative.

They are incapable of moving on, moving forward, they have ISSUES!

I’d love to hear from anyone who feels like sharing, does everyone, every family have a Debbie Downer?

Moving on, Decorators!  Not a whole lot to say about this other than I am in desperate need of one.  I really need help in this arena at the moment.

Shambleton revisited…I feel like I am back in Shambleton!  What is Shambleton you ask?  It is what I decided my old house was called, I lived there when I started this blog hence the name. ( I posted this on both of my blogs Shambleton is my other one if you were wondering)

rennovationIt wasn’t a  bad house I was just sick of it and ready for a change, and a change we made.

I feel like I am living in Shambleton again though because I can’t make up my mind about paint colors, shades and intensities.  Draperies, drapery lengths, curtain rods, hanging pictures, what art to put up and what not to…OI VEY! See I need a decorator.

We totally took apart our couch because I wanted it in our family room which is downstairs.  To get it down the stairs we had to become furniture upholsterers…Now I kind of want it back upstairs and I KNOW this is probably a bad idea…so see what I mean SHAMBLETON!

I know kind of an odd post  but whatever…share with me, share whatever you want…What would you do?  Is the Drama Queen disorder universal? Every family has one, it is inescapable, or is it just me and my life?

How do you manage it? How does your family deal with the DQ disorder?

Any decorating tips are welcomed…

Share away and have a beautiful day!