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Have you ever noticed that there is always a “Saxophone Guy” or an attempt at a “Sexy Saxophone Guy” in 80’s movies?

In St. Elmo’s Fire Rob Lowe’s character was a sax player. He was supposed to be the sexy bad boy person. Rob Lowe

In Wild Boys when they are at the amusement park sort of in the beginning when what his face first sees Star, there is a concert going on. There is a muscle man sax player who does a whole long sax solo. He’s wearing stretch pant legging things and like a dog chain around his neck, he has a high ponytail on top of his head.

ambiguous last boys guy

Hahaha…did I mention ambiguous? Maybe they borrowed some left over costumes from the producers of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome???

Very odd and a bit ambiguous.

Then in Desperatley Seeking Susan when Roberta and Dez are on the roof eating Chinese food, there is a sax player across the way in the window doing his sax solo, the room is all lit in blue and you more or less just see his silouette.

I could probably come up with a bunch more, I have vague remembrance of something to do with a sax and the movie 91/2 weeks. Interesting… Muppet Sax Player

The Sax, the sexy bad boy of the woodwind family? Yes? No?  Seems like someone in the 80’s thought so.

What do you think?