Look I get it sometimes the past contains things that aren’t very pleasant. I also get that you think you are superior, that it is somehow perfectly acceptable for you to literally “sit in judgment” of others, oh wait you call it “righteous judgement” right I have to remind myself you are better than the rest of us. Is that any reason to snoop in on someone’s life? You know perfectly well that you could care less about anybody. If you really want to not have any connection then why are you reading this? What difference does it make to you what I say or who I talk about. Sending my blog around to others really is pathetic. If you have something that you want to say then say it to me. If you have a question then just ask.  Seriously, trying to stir up trouble and cause more angst, trying to set fire to and torch more relationships between other people is seriously beyond pathetic. Why do you care who has a functional relationship with who? Why not worry about yourself and maybe work on yourself, maybe make a tiny bit of effort to practice what you preach and rather than try to cause drama and ill feelings maybe try to be nice. Maybe try to be “Christlike”. You are forgiven, I just don’t care, I really don’t. Anyone who reads this, and has any questions I encourage you to just ask, I promise you will get a straight and honest answer. Those that read it and send it around and gossip about it, well what can I say? I guess your life is as sad as I was thinking, you really have nothing better to do than to bother with my thoughts and opinions?  Wow!