Sometimes life is just so weird. I’ve been exploring the world of LDS blogs, communicating with other LDS women. I’ve been doing this for probably a year or so now. I have learned a few things, number one LDS blogs are really just places for LDS people to vent or brag or go on and on about whatever, they aren’t meant to “share” not in the sense that sharing implies you give something and then be open to receive. No no no they are really just online journals, in fact I am still trying to figure out why they make them open to the public.

The ones that say or act as if they want to discuss are really just wanting compliments, compliments on whatever it is that they just wrote about. I haven’t encountered one yet where I’ve found someone who is really willing to have a proper discussion. They may very well exist I just haven’t found them yet. I’ve found several of them to be kind of pretentious, closed to new things, just in general not nice. It makes me wonder if this is the impression that is being given to the world, I kind of think it might be.

I grew up in an EXTREMELY LDS area, pretty much everyone was LDS. There are truly really nice people, people that actually live by the teachings. There is no shortage of self righteous judgmental people either. I always figured that you find this anywhere, anywhere there is a dominant religion you’ll get your mix. Maybe the LDS blog world is just an expression of that? The more self righteous blog about it? I have no clue, these are real questions, I am a bit confused at the moment.

I blog for my own mental health, this is a way for me to work stuff out. I make this public because I am always open to hear what anyone wants to tell me, I am open to being friendly this doesn’t bother me, in fact the notion of telling someone that I don’t want to be their friend, or deliberately giving them a cold shoulder is not something I would ever do. Really who does that?

How can anyone reject or turn away from a new opportunity to learn something? You just never know what is around the next corner and being so closed up seems to prevent one from progress, maybe that is their goal? I have no clue.

My Brother in Law said something to the effect that church is like AA it is a great organization for some people, and it really helps them and they need to attend the meetings, it is necessary for their sobriety. He relates church to AA, and I think it makes a lot of sense.

Yes this is a confused post, I am confused tonight. Anyone who reads this please go ahead and comment, I seriously would LOVE to hear anyone’s else’s experience with LDS blogs, with LDS people in general…