Ok so anyone who read my last confused and not happy post knows that I was not exactly excited about the LDS blog world. I found the discussions to be pretentious and condescending, and well not nice. Even worse the people were not nice, like really. It wasn’t what I was expecting. So ask and ye shall receive there is a new blog site which is a collection of blogs that is a reaction to the not niceness, a reaction to the hypercriticalness. Ironically the blog conversation that I found to be the most pretentious and unkind, that is part of this as well. Maybe this is itself an answer to prayer, another line of communication is open? Sometimes things can sound rude and pretentious even if that isn’t the intention with which they are written. Conversations can devolve into places that we don’t necessarily want them to go, that is what I believe happened. All is good again and we were able to talk about the confusion. She is an excellent writer and I look forward to reading more! I will give her the benefit of the doubt, I’ll give everyone the benefit of the doubt actually. Interestingly I think that we probably agree on more than we realize, communication can be challenging at times…Wow! So here’s the link, I hope this helps someone else!