This is a crazy and disturbing story. The little family owned restaurant, this small business that us just trying to succeed and stay above the political fray has been sucked in and is suffering the abuse of the angry right wing minions. The hate mail and racial slurs are bad, but worse for this story to have gotten out and for all of these right wingers to even know about the fact that they turned Romney down means that someone from the Romney camp had to notify them. Who is behind this? Glenn Beck? Faux News? Romney himself? This is how he treats a fellow LDS individual who just wants to stay out of politics huh? Do what I say and what I want or suffer the wrath of my minions, that is the message that has been sent here. I don’t know if this is what Romney intended, I kind of doubt it.

This is hereby and open invitation to any friends or family that come to visit, we will go to Denver and eat at this joint just to show that we are not part of the evil Republican minions!

Here is the link:

And furthermore, I have more evidence that not all Mormons are Republicans. Here is an article about a General Authority who is retiring. He is a Democrat! He is a lifelong Democrat, he is who the Prophets have gone to in order to show that we’re not all Republicans. Wow! The link is below…

I am seriously hoping that at Conference the proverbial smack down is given about all of this nonsense! Being a Democrat and supporting Obama does not automatically equate to being a bad person, misguided, or evil. I have been called names that are so mean, I have had vile things said to me by supposed saints over politics. Do you know how many times I have had this exact message, this exact question asked? “Just a quick question, how can you support Obama when he supports abortion and gay marriage, two things that are opposed by the church? How can you be LDS and still support him?” That “quick question” that totally loaded question had been hurled at me countless times! The individuals asking never really want to hear my response, they are just trying to be smug and they think they are calling me out. Obama isn’t “Pro abortion” he is Pro Choice, he isn’t telling people to run out and get abortions he is standing for their right to choose. Free Agency is important. Gay marriage is about equality under the law, the government has a job to do and that job is to treat everyone equally. If two adult individuals of the same sex want to marry and devote their lives to one another then it isn’t the governments place to discriminate. The church doesn’t have to recognize these unions, but the church is not our government. Also, Pro Choice doesn’t always mean abortion, there are other choices. Why not promote the other options? Why not be supportive of people in these tough situations and help them make a better choice? That is it in a nutshell and I don’t really care to hear about your judgements about my political standing. I am a Liberal, I lean to the Left and I vote! My husband who has always been a Republican actually changed his registration this year, I thought that he was changing to unaffiliated but he switched to Democrat! I couldn’t believe it, and no it isn’t my fault if it were all me then he would have switched years ago. No Mr. Romney, Mr. Glenn Beck, Mr. Sean Hannity and good ole Fox News can be given credit for swaying a life long Republican to actually change his registration to the other side. So glad that they know what they’re doing!