This story breaks my heart. This reminds me of some of the students that I had when I worked at West High, I had students from Afghanistan, Iraq, and several from Somalia. Many of them had had sporadic education, some very little at all. The girls were all so eager to learn and loved being in school, they just sucked it all up like sponges. The boys all seemed to enjoy it as well but they were quite different, they seemed more to get caught up in the social aspects. Ironic as you’d imagine it would be the opposite. I feel like those girls realized how valuable their education was going to be and appreciated that they were being given opportunities that they previously weren’t given. Maybe they were remembering friends and family members who were back in their countries of origin and this story is something that would have been on their minds. Meaning that they lived through this kind of oppression and fear and they were liberated from it. I’ve never really connected the dots as much as I am right now reading this. I hope that this little girl recovers from this vicious attack and that she can go on to great things. This really puts things into perspective, she is just a little younger than my youngest. I would loose it if something like this happened to one of my girls. I agree with the assertion in this article that education for girls and women is the answer to many of the challenges we are facing in the world today. Since yesterday was Columbus Day I was reading about how many of the Native American tribes actually had female Chiefs! I wonder if that was more common than we think. Ok the link is below for anyone who wants to read it, please pray for this young lady that she will recover, and that the Taliban will stay away from this girls school!