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I wrote this post a long, long time ago…After all the drama today I am a little amazed, you’d think I had a crystal ball or something.  I’m being told that this is part of the cycle and it always goes round and round this same way, I am starting to see this. I could deconstruct the comments that were made and explain how this individual was just full of it, but why bother. It is so obvious who really wrote those things and who the troll is, the same troll that has been behind this stuff all along…

In the last twenty four hours I received a barrage of obnoxious weird comments from a relative. I think that the drive by shooting is done now and she has returned to the cupboard from whence she came.
Thank you Dearest Lord for ending the attack.
A manic episode? Maybe. Meds need to be adjusted, possibly? Some people are just weird and not nice? BINGO! The insults and jabs wrapped up in passive aggression are so fun aren’t they? Especially when they are topped off with the words “Love ya”…when a person abuses the concept of Love they are in serious need of help, whatever help is available. If I “Love” someone then I tell them, if I don’t then I don’t use that word. It just isn’t something to throw around and play games with, it’s not!
I’ve heard that I am not the only recipient of this persons “Love” this time around, the fun has been spread around this time. Sometimes with certain people you just can’t win for loosing. It is irrelevant what you do or say, they will always find fault, blame, whine and complain. What do they want? Do they want others to just disappear? Die? Be silenced? Nothing will ever make some people happy.
This person even tried to drag a “friend” into this little game. I suppose she was just confirming what was already evident, but I honestly would have thought that she respected the “friend” more than that. Like I said you can’t win for loosing.
Some family members will do anything for each other, others will do everything possible to destroy everything. Their definition of “family” is fluid, they change it to fit their current mood. Relations are disposable and ultimately meaningless to such a person. They feel like learning something about another individual is information for them to “act” upon. They can’t just know what’s going on in another’s life, anything they learn they use to create problems for people. Trust is just a word for them, they have no comprehension of what it means. You tell such an individual something and instead of just listening, understanding, just being aware they take whatever you said and run with it to whomever they can find to create the most damage. I’ve been told that this behavior goes back several years and has extended beyond family relations. That “friends” lives were dragged through the mudd by this person and destroyed as well. Tragic!
My kids like to assign animals to people, they try to relate the animal that they assign a person as closely to them as they can. They like to put a lot of thought into it, it’s a fun thing that they do and have always done. They are usually pretty accurate, astonishingly, and it isn’t that often that they change a person’s “animal spirit”. I love my kids and this is just one of the awesome things that they do that makes life just that more interesting.
With that in mind I feel like we are dealing with a Donkey and a Hyaena. I don’t have much to say about the Donkey right now, I am feeling a degree of sympathy for said Donkey. Misplaced sympathy? Probably, but I am who I am and that is where I am at the moment. The Hyaena however not so much. Hyaena’s aren’t exactly known for being brave and courageous, they’re sneaky and they steal kills from Lions. Lions work together in a pride to hunt and take down their prey, Hyaena’s wait in the background and steal it. The only time Hyaena’s exhibit what we would consider bravery is when they are in a pack and even then they don’t work together, when one gets the kill the others try to steal it and they fight over it. They’ll sell out the other Hyaena’s for their own benefit. I’m sure that they have some good qualities I just don’t know what they are, maybe they are just hidden beneath and these other traits are so dominant that they present as just sneaky and opportunistic. This Hyaena I feel collects information and just waits until the most opportune time to pounce and create as much damage and destruction as possible. Then hides out in their corner with their Donkey guarding the lair. Whining and pouting until the whole thing blows over and whomever has been damaged in the episode picks up the pieces as best as they can. Then they reset and do it all over again. The Donkey is just so enamored that a Hyaena would find him interesting and dare I say attractive that it forgets about everything else, the walls could be falling around them and the Donkey will do whatever the Hyaena wants. The price the Hyaena pays for having such a devoted Donkey is to surrender all control over the Hyaena’s life. The Hyaena isn’t even allowed to socialize with other Hyaena’a, just the Donkey. Probably worked out pretty well for a while but gets old. So this Hyaena and this Donkey are stuck with each other. I think that they think they are happy but if an individual is happy then why would they be so obsessed with destruction? Not just destruction, manipulation. continually making excuses for everything, for their own behavior and all the damage that they cause?
These animal descriptions may change, I need to think about it a little more. The Donkey I am pretty certain of, there are just too many characteristics that line up. The Hyaena, I am pretty certain but not positive…TBC

Some things have changed since I originally wrote this post, not much but a few things. I think that the “Donkey” is just one part of the individuals personality, the individual that I was referencing. After more drama ensued I concluded that we were also dealing with a Box Jelly Fish, spineless, toxic, and just something to avoid in general. I learned that Box Jellies have twenty nine sets of eyes. That would account for the internet stalking that seems to go on. Some of these eyes have blinders on them so it makes this Box Jellies world an odd place.

I am still a little torn however, I do still feel a degree of sympathy for the Donkey/Box Jelly Fish. It definitely is misplaced sympathy but oh well, this entire situation was never going to make a lot of sense. My reasons for feeling this sympathy towards this individual that has been rude and nasty towards me are very real, I don’t think that they are going to change or go away. I have good reasons, I can relate on some level. At the same time it doesn’t make it alright for these individuals to be so awful. No concept of loyalty, back stabbers, just plain unpleasant people, people that are stuck in the past, in a weird version of the past at that.

I like asking for advice on here. I appreciate the messages that people send me. How do you deal with unpleasant people? People that are related to you, that choose to be mean and nasty when they really don’t need to be? Relatives that won’t move forward, that don’t want things to be resolved or better, that seem to enjoy wallowing in the negative? What was your solution?