Sooooo, the election is FINALLY over and yeah for me my candidate won! What does this mean though? I think that this election cycle brought out many things, things that possibly were bubbling beneath the surface. I have friends who have lost friends over politics. As far as I know I haven’t but then I may have not noticed. If I did then I hope that they will come around. I also have friends who’s families were completely divided over this. They had relatives who cut them off and refused to speak with them over this election. Really? Its just an election, there will be another in two years, then another two years later. Life goes on, there are bigger things to be concerned with!

I know how my Brothers and Sisters who were supporting Mr. Romney feel, I REALLY do. I felt that way in 2000 and again in 2004. Those elections were mired with controversy and there are still outstanding questions today as to who really won. Just about two weeks ago there was a group of individuals convicted and are going to prison for election fraud in Ohio! Yes they tampered with ballots and flipped the election in Ohio in 2004, John Kerry actually won Ohio that year which means he might have won the election. This all hurt me too, but I got over it. Things do get better, they improve and I can testify this to anyone, it will get better.

I hope that since this is over with that my Republican friends can actually and finally give President Obama a chance. I know everyone says that they already did but really? Did you? I think if you open your mind and heart a little and try, things might seem less severe. You may not embrace him, you might still not like him but give it a chance please. I did it in 00 and 04, I had ups and downs but I don’t “hate” GW, I feel sorry for him more than anything. The pendulum always swings the other way and it will go the other way eventually. Lets make a better world for each other and out posterity!

Ok enough…In other news Lauren has her Sr. Art Show coming up and she has been scrambling to mat and frame all of her work. She is so dedicated and I am so proud of her. I took her to vote for the first time and I felt so proud! Kayla is navigating the merky waters of High School, it is still a new experience for her and she is taking the challenge like a champ. She is so creative and I can just see her in a few years putting together her Sr, Art portfolio as well. Blake is starting his Basketball season and he is stoked! He is so dedicated, I am proud of him. He is talking about joining the Army or one of the services. I can totally see him following in his Dad’s footsteps. Jordan is getting better, I hope and pray that he can heal from his injuries and find a career that he can enjoy and do with his limitations that he might be left with. I worry about him so much, I had a dream three days before he got injured that he got hurt. I asked Kris to call him and he said he was fine. When we got that call that morning in Vernal my hear sunk, I am grateful it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and grateful that he is alive.


I’m so proud that she voted!