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box jellyfish antivenom

I was given some news today about Hyaenas and Box Jelly Fish that take on the appearance of a donkey.  This news is just so crazy that I just had to write about it!  Apparently, Hyaena’s are capable of lying, constantly make stuff up and are even known to throw around baseless accusations. So lets just call it what it is – a lie is a lie is a lie! Now comes the question – why?  This is a good question. Invariably Hyaena’s are going to “get caught”. Seriously, when your saying something that is completely untrue, or claim to speak for others who you don’t have the authority to speak for, eventually the Hyaena is going to get caught, and eventually, look like a fool. This is so basic that you would think even the bottom dwelling Hyaena would grasp it, but this is just not the case.

Just when I thought I had finally “heard it all”, in comes the news that yet another bottom feeding sub human is also capable of lying up a storm – the Box Jelly! Why is this happening?  Global warming?  The warm weather?  Strait up stupidity?  Why would two scavengers of the underworld suddenly make up so many stories and lies?  Really its just more made up delusions.  Could it be that the life of the Hyaena and Box Jelly is just no longer interesting enough?

Then I realized this is what happens when people make assumptions, lie, and then run around gossiping about it. I learned that Box Jelly Fish don’t like certain words, I don’t speak Box Jelly Fish so this was a big shock to me.  If I am to stop using certain words that are unpleasant to a Box Jelly Fish then Hyaena’s will need to stop using certain Hyaena words, it only seems fair. No more Hyaena whining and howling that’s what I say, unfortunately I don’t speak Hyaena either. The screetching whine is hard on the throat and the vocal chords, I think you probably need to be born a Hyaena to be able to do it. The Box Jelly Fish lives in the water so to the Box Jelly it probably sounds beautiful. Well this lead absolutely nowhere, just to more lies. I never knew that a Box Jelly Fish or a Donkey or a Hyaena could lie so much!

So here we are, now what? Box Jelly Fish and Hyaena you are forgiven alright, we forgive you for all the evil terrible things that you have said and continue to say, even though we don’t speak your language or have a clue what could motivate either of you to make this stuff up. Maybe it’s because of that island that the Hyaena lives on, the one that the Box Jelly Fish patrols, information travels to the island in weird ways. In fact the only information that gets through is what the Box Jelly Fish either misses entirely or allows through, so it is never accurate or complete. Little Birds fly around and chirp to each other, chirp messages, those little birds try to drop messages our way as well. Little birds can’t be relied upon though, one you need to speak bird, and two they forget to pass along all of the relevant information. They are easily distracted, and really I think that it’s kind of amusing to them to see what is going to happen next. Birds will be birds won’t they.

I did hear that a few pigeons have been dispatched carrying messages around their legs. I don’t think that the messages were written in Hyaena but it was an attempt to get through. The Donkey just kicked its hind legs and sent the pigeon back into the wind so that wasn’t any use. Not even the most dire of news, the most serious of messages that could be delivered would cause the Box Jelly Fish to wake the sleeping Hyaena. Oh well, we all can just keep trying I guess.

I was going to password protect this but then I remembered that Box somehow knows my passwords. How did a Box jelly Fish find out all of my passwords? Good question. I would ask the Box Jelly Fish but I don’t speak Box Jelly Fish, any question I would ask anyway would likely be misinterpreted and the Box Jelly Fish would do what they do and utilize their stingers. I don’t speak Donkey either, Donkey would misinterpret and start kicking, making a lot of noise and kicking its hind legs. Talk about a time when a “Babel Fish” could really be useful, as far as I know there isn’t a “Babel Fish” around. Although I will never rule out the possibility of one turning up. See I’m always hopeful for a better and brighter day.  I really don’t speak Hyaena, that has already been made abundantly clear. It doesn’t matter how hard I try either. It’s ok though they have a “Hit and Run” style, create a bunch of drama and cause a bunch of strife then run and don’t own up to it or face it, don’t deal with it and move on just keep spinning their wheels. This fact had me thinking that maybe Hyaena is actually a jumping spider with blinders on six of eight eyes, so it just runs around in circles…then I thought no we’ll stick with Hyaena for now…