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evil eyesDid you know that the Box Jelly Fish has 24 eyes, they have eyes all over the place. The Box Jelly Fish that I have been dealing with has blinders on most of his eyes. I’m not sure if he has one set that just see things from a certain angle, or if the  blinders are mis-matched so he gets weird angles on everything. There definitely are blinders in place that I am certain of. Maybe he thinks he’s cool and has some sort of sunglasses on? Or perhaps there is a weak spot in the ozone layer above the island that he patrols, UV rays are getting through and causing some sort of blindness. I really don’t know, these are all real questions.

I’ve already established that I don’t speak Box Jelly Fish even if I try only a few words get through. Initially I thought even trying was pointless but being an optimist I made some effort. It was pointless, advice for the world, for anyone who wants it, don’t try to speak Box Jelly Fish you won’t get anywhere! I think that I’ve also shared this in the past that I felt a degree of sympathy for the Box Jelly Fish, no actually I felt a degree of sympathy for the Donkey. That is gone now, I’ve learned my lesson straight from the Donkey’s mouth that sympathy is not deserved. The Box Jelly Fish, the Donkey and that which they serve are fully aware and conscious of everything that they’ve been up to. Their dirty deeds are all very deliberate and the appearance that is given to the world through their behavior is just as it appears to be, it is accurate. Any lingering questions that may have been floating about have all been answered and confirmed, Box Jelly Fish, Donkey and who they serve are all aware of what they have been doing and they’ve been doing it deliberately. They also are not in any way contrite, contrition would require some sort of change. This is not in the cards, in fact there is no contrition at all! I admit I am amazed, this is all more evil than I even thought possible.

I do need to make a clarification, I had always thought that a Hyaena was a type of dog, its not. Hyaena’s are there own thing, they aren’t actually related to dogs or cats. This is fine as the Hyaena that I am talking about is in a category of its own anyway, so in a way it does fit. I found out that there is another thing that lives on the island with the Hyaena, there is a pile of black mold and the scum that lives on the black mold is a good friend of the Hyaena. They are so close that nothing will ever come between them. It doesn’t matter how much the scum pollutes the air, how many innocents it infects, no matter how much damage or pain it causes in the world the Hyaena is there for it. How beautiful is that! Hyaena has a Box Jelly Fish that patrols its island, a Donkey that hangs out with it and kicks little birds that try to get through, and it even has a scummy friend. Wow, no wonder Hyaena likes that island so much. It all makes sense now. I’ve said a million times that I don’t speak Hyaena, doesn’t matter how hard I try I accept that I will never figure it out.

That scum that lives on top of the pile of black mold sure does though. I don’t speak scum either, this particular scum has a whiny voice, it is particularly annoying. Its a whine that I can only describe as sounding like a wire being dragged through ones brain. It is music to the Hyaena though, the scum is so precious and special to the Hyaena, Hyaena is loyal to the scum to a fault, how wonderful for them! I wonder if Hyaena lights up for the scum, I bet it does, they are just two peas in a pod on that island of theirs, smoking and drinking cocktails made out of coconut milk no doubt, I mean what else is there on an island?

My wish for them is that they are all just one happy weird bunch together. Fair warning Hyaena that scum is nasty stuff, riddled with problems. Be careful if you get too much of it on you then you might start to take on some of its traits. Oh wait, you already share many traits with it that is why you are such great friends. It makes so much sense now. One more warning for anyone who attempts to take that beach, there is some sort of strange time portal on the island. The inhabitants are stuck in the past and incapable of moving forward and the version of the past that they are living in is weird. Probably from the blinders, I think the Hyaena must have blinders on as well, something that makes it only see things from one tiny little perspective that is incredibly off. The Box Jelly Fish might have a way of moving in and out of the time warp, I’m still working that out. Hyaena exists in the past though so since it serves the Hyaena it gets sucked back into the past most of the time as well. I would hate for some poor sailor to get washed up on that shore, would be a tragedy.