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This subject was raised by someone else here on my blog. It isn’t something that I probably would have ever written about, after talking with a good friend of mine she encouraged me to just do it. She knows more about this subject then I ever will, if I have her blessing then why not, that encouragement from her means a lot to me.

She sent me this link to this short produced by the BBC, it’s about Autism Spectrum Disorders. The narrator shares her own story, her name is Rosie and as you will see when you watch it she is a bright young lady with a future full of endless possibilities. She introduces her siblings as well as some friends, all of which share some of the challenges that come with living with this.

My friend has two sons who have both been diagnosed with Autism. One of them just went in for surgery, he had to have tubes put in his ears. This was major for him, anything involving his ears is very disturbing to him. So a procedure that would have been relatively simple for most kids was not for him, or their family. She jokes that the “Autism Doctors” as she calls them like to think that everyone has it, she feels like they would diagnose everyone with it if they could. This is a joke though and just part of her own process. They tried to link what was happening with her sons to her and her husband, I think this is probably standard, look for a genetic link since this seems to run in families. She and her husband didn’t like this, they felt that since they were obviously doing fine and had made it to adulthood unscathed, that this wasn’t going to help her boys. I guess for her it doesn’t matter if it underlies things, or is hidden in what makes her – her. The way that she talks about it and sees it is quite different from the way that I’ve seen and heard others talk about it. She really knows whats up with it, she loves and supports her boys, and her other kids as only two of her sons have this, and she talks about it in her own way.

To me it is like a big patchwork quilt, each block being different and unique, each is its own thing and every part is essential to the whole. You can’t make a patchwork quilt and leave out some of the blocks. The backing and what’s inside is all the same, in a sense it unites the patchwork part of the quilt to make it a whole, to make it functional.

I like patchwork quilts, they are usually pretty, they are interesting to look at. My favorite blanket when I was little was a patchwork quilt, I was very attached to it. My Mother repaired it until it wasn’t repairable anymore and literally fell apart. My niece had one too, mine was red and white, hers was yellow and white. She named hers “Bebe”, my opinion as to why she did this is because when she was about ten or eleven months old we all went on a vacation to France. She spent most of the trip riding around in her stroller and people would stop and say hello to her, she was an adorable little baby. She heard the word “Bebe” a lot on that trip, I think that she thought that the people were talking to her blanket. It was after that trip that she started calling it that, could have been because of her age and before she just wasn’t speaking as clearly, or it was my idea about where it came from. This story really doesn’t have much to do with the topic of this post, other than the fact that people are all interesting and creative. Her “Bebe” went from being a quilt to being more of something the size of a handkerchief, she loved it and used it until it fell apart, literally, just like mine. I named mine also but I don’t really want to share the name. Creativity and imagination make life bearable and interesting.

I think that this topic for me is going to be a “work in progress”. I’ve had some recent interaction with a person who has ASD that hasn’t been positive. I’ve tried to understand, and I’ve tried to apply what I know with what has been happening, and dismiss that which can be applied to the ASD side of things. That likely sounds really weird, basically I’ve tried to see the entire interaction through the lens of someone with this so that the things that seem off to me that are part of that aren’t, so its like a level playing field. It was pointless. I know that ASD can cause communication to be challenging at times, but at the same time it doesn’t change right and wrong. Also this post is not meant to be pejorative of ASD or people who have it, this is just a way to share and try to figure things out. The link is below, it is a cute and informative short.

In this mini documentary I must add that I love the little girl called Jasmine, she is explaining things about her Brother Tony who is one of the kids who are being highlighted. I also love the fact that this little girl Rosie, and the others that contributed to this did this, they are trying to educate and inform people. Like I said this is a work in progress…tbc…