This is such an awesome blog. I love people like this, they inspire me and give me hope. I so know how it feels and what it is like to be the proverbial “outsider” in LDS culture. When your in the midst of things it sometimes gets hard to differentiate “culture” and “doctrine”. Also it can be hard to remember that people are just people, no matter how righteous and and dogmatic they seem they are still your equal, they are just people. They aren’t better and in the eyes of our creator they are just as important as you are. So having said all of that this blog is so awesome!

I can see that this will be a new challenge for LDS people going forward, or maybe it always has been. Growing up where I did and being a “Morlic” I got plenty of ridiculous lectures from people who I suppose thought that they were on some higher level than me, it took me years to figure out the truth. I love how this woman shares her own story and she really has a wonderful message. After all of the garbage that some relatives dealt out and spread about it is so refreshing to read about this ladies journey. In fact it reminds me that they are in serious need of compassion, they NEED people to pray for them!