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Koala is still struggling, she is having a really difficult time. She decided on her own to cut off the relationship with Bio Mom. She is just ignoring her. Bio Mom has been trying to get my two step sons to fill her in and tell her things, they are saying that they both don’t want to be in the middle anymore.

I will never understand why she can’t just be adult enough to just talk to my husband, if she has questions or concerns about the kids he is who she should be talking to. The kids all tend to tell her what she wants to hear to avoid conflict. This is probably a good thing, they one: don’t want to be mean or rude, and two: they don’t need extra conflict and stress in their lives.

My husband comes from a big family. He had three sisters, one of them is awesome, the other two aren’t very nice. One of his sisters in particular actually probably could really be helpful right now with what is going on with Koala. She has knowledge and life experience that could directly help us with what Koala is going through. The sad and ironic thing though is we can’t even ask her for help. Even if my husband were to reach out to her and ask her for advice she wouldn’t take the call. Why? Good question. In all honesty it probably is better this way, I don’t think that there is anyway that my husband could trust her. Any information shared would turn into fodder for gossip. Its just unfortunate and depressing.

Any advice from anyone who is willing to share it would be greatly appreciated. What kind of therapy have you had success with? If you had a situation where an individual cut off a relationship was that successful? She has decided to cut the relationship off herself, is it better to encourage her not to? Are medicines safe for teen aged children to take, what meds did you use? I’m trying to find the best balance possible here. I’ll post more about this later…

Anyone out there who is willing to share I would appreciate it if you could tell me if you know anything about this organization. Was it helpful, is there a better one that you can recommend that deals with these issues? I am specifically looking for assistance with the areas of self harm, depression, and abandonment. Abandonment survival and recovery specifically. The self harm aspect as well, I really don’t know much about this and have very little experience with it. I had a friend in Jr. High who struggled with it but her parents sent her to London to live with a family member, that was how they dealt with what was going on with her at the time. Although I know my daughter would love to be whisked away to London it just isn’t in the cards. So any resources or aid dealing with self harm that anyone is willing to share please do…The link is below, please share anything that you can about this organization. Thanks…