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So everyone knows that there was a “Blue Moon” the other day. This sounds so mysterious and cool but really it just means that we had two full moons in the same month. Well this second full moon had some effect on this blog because things went from normal lah dee dah to cray cray! That has died down now, hopefully and things can return to normal.

I was thinking about the term Blue Moon and I thought of a few songs that I like, well it could even be the same song just sung by different artists. I think I like the Cowboy Junkies version the best. I also thought of one of the funniest scenes in one of my favorite movies, Greese…that was hilarious. I never thought that a Blue Moon could pull them from the woodwork so well, lesson learned.

I’ve shared this before but I will again as it will relate to a few future posts that have yet to come together, I assign animals to people, so do my kids. I think it is a side effect of growing up and being influenced by geniuses like Jim Henson and Walt Disney. I blame them both equally. There are some people that I don’t even want to assign an animal to because they are more like air. This one was a struggle but Koala hit the nail on the head so perfectly, she decided the animal for this one person. So I’ll write more about that later.

What a pointless post this is! Mostly this is just to say hi, still here and not going anywhere. All that drama was just hot air from mean people, they’ve gone away now! The link is below for that song please enjoy!

I decided to add another song to this post…I contemplated giving it it’s own posting but really I just felt like sharing the song…because I love it and I love the band and performer, and it just makes me happy, doesn’t have much to do with a blue moon though…so please enjoy! ❤