troll detectionOh hi, there you are! Yes you the troll, or trolls that have such a sudden interest in my thoughts, experiences, and what I have to say.

If you don’t like what I have to say then don’t read this and just go away. This is about my life, my perspective, things that have happened that I have either been witness to or part of.

Your just a bunch of gossipers aren’t you! Move onto something else, you’ve never cared about what I had to say before so why now?

All trolls, and there have been many as of late, go away, go back to your spot beneath your bridge!

feed trollAnd yes yet again I had to password protect some posts, some people REALLY don’t like to see the truth.

The really ironic thing here also is I know exactly who you are…you really are stuck at age fourteen aren’t you? Bless your poor little shrivled heart…

Very sad.

Wait, weren’t you making vile statements and claiming that you would never come onto this blog again? Nevah Evah Again?

If you know me then you likely already have the password, if you don’t know it and want it you can just ask. I will give it…