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This is so beautiful and cool. The poem, or letter is being read by Briane Jourdin she is the Mother of Kennadie.

Kennadie has a rare form of primordial dwarfism, so she will always be really tiny.  TLC did a documentary about her a few years ago so it is easy to find out about if interested.  Kennadie was also in a Dutch movie called  “IEP”.

So here is the link, so worth listening to!

I came across another article about this amazing young lady. She is an inspiration, so are her parents.  The article says that her Mom bought her a little digital camera, if she ever decides to publish a photo book I would certainly buy it. How amazing would that be to see the world from her perspective, I think it would be awesome!

I also added the film trailer for her movie “IEP”…Go Kennadie you are amazing!