To the one that I refer to as Blue…I got the message. Again, like before the address that was attached doesn’t work, it goes directly back to the WP site.

I sympathize with your situation I really do.  I don’t have anything that I can add to help though, I’ve already shared as much as I can.  I know it seems strange but it is the truth.

If you still want to talk then please contact me on my e mail instead of here. As I mentioned I would prefer to keep this private, there is some sort of problem with your address, or of course you are a troll?

If you are a troll, or a relation that is up to no good then ha ha, enough alright! If you are sincere then contact me via e mail. My address is easy to find, it is on my gravatar profile.

This post won’t make any sense to anyone except the one I refer to as Blue. In an effort to give the benefit of doubt I am posting this, this will be the last time however…