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flaming meteor

Do you ever feel like you are experiencing your own personal meteor shower?  In a negative way, not a beautiful way.  I love a shooting star as much as anyone, and I have been lucky in that I’ve seen meteors with trails of fire in the sky…I used to get off work quite late and when I’d drive home there was this particular dark road on the way where I would see them pretty often.  No what I am speaking of here is a load of challenges all at once, like walking through a mine field…loaded with anxiety that you might take the wrong step and feel the plunge before the mine explodes.

I already wrote about bad communication cycles, and my belief that we are in the midst of a negative one.  What I didn’t anticipate was that this one would relate more to people around me rather than me.  What I mean is I feel like I am having to stand back and watch struggles that I am not part of, its more of a supportive role.  I am not complaining, I am more than happy to be a support, its just not what I was thinking, glad to be wrong.  I am referring to friends and family here. I am watching the shower, and waking through the mine field with people that I care about.

I am confident that everything will come together and work out, likely sometime on or after the tenth of November. I am turning to every source that I have for guidance and support here, there are just so many challenges. Koala is doing so much better, this is with one of the others.  My feeling all along has been that things will work out, I think hold the course is the best thing to do. It is still hard to see the discouragement.

Its like a collection of little things, my daughter  needed a blood test yesterday. She was terribly ill about a year ago and she needed her liver enzymes checked.  They couldn’t find a vein, and when they did and they tried twice it wouldn’t give any blood.  Another one was bit by a dog, when does that ever happen?

One positive thing occurred.  I broke one of my rules and made a referral to a certain relative, one that I never normally would even mention.  I feel like it was the right thing to do so I did it anyway.  Then last night I found out that a friends son left for a mission yesterday and he is coming here to Northern Colorado! I made a connection and received one, full circle that is awesome.

This post is a bit confused…I just feel like the Universe is being unkind lately.  I feel like I know why and it doesn’t matter if a person believes it or not, it is still happening.  I’ve been trying to stay silent during this one, I don’t want conflict, this is good because enough is being thrown at those I care about.  Tempers are short and arguments are quick to start, it will all pass, silence can be good.

I’ll write more later…I think I’ll add a song too…A little bit of 80’s positivity!

Ok some bad news came today, I still don’t know all of the details. My feeling and initial reaction is that this can’t possibly be right, or over…My feeling is to still hold the course, see what options exist and exhaust all of them.  I still feel that this will work out and that it will happen on or after the tenth, I may be wrong but that is my feeling and it is quite strong.  What a confusing mess, this is what happens during these retrograde cycles, I’ve been observing this for years and it is no accident….