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It happened…what I was dreading and hoping wouldn’t did.  A land mine exploded, a meteor struck, there is damage, it was bad.

I mentioned before that during this cycle I am more of a support role, which is good and I am VERY happy to do it.  Not what I ever imagined or expected but it is what it is.

This one I didn’t see coming, there has been drama, challenges and issues with all of the kids during this cycle.  One of them was hit hard, tears, anxiety, confusion, we have all of it.  To add to all of this she also has a serious illness, likely brought on by stress, serious none the less.  We’ve been to the doctor twice in one week! Well I’ve been three times as I had to take one of the others too.

I am not complaining, this is my job, it is just a little weird.  This would happen when my husband is out of town, I am so wishing he was home right now. He almost jumped through the phone when I told him about the “explosion”, he is very protective.  Everything will be ok, it will work out.

One nice thing has been seeing how supportive the kids are of each other.  Being part of a blended family can’t  be easy, I never had to do it.  It’s all they know though and especially the girls are completely supporting each other, it is comforting and I am very proud of them.

I keep telling them, telling everyone to hold on for another week, this will all pass and things won’t be so stressful.  I don’t always put so much stock in these cycles but this time I just had a feeling, the last one was bad so I wanted to be extra prepared, good that I was. Its still feels like tearing my heart out to see so much distress…this will pass…

And I know that one can survive stepping on a land mine, literally.  I had a teacher in Jr, High who stepped on one in Vietnam, he survived and was my teacher.  He had a wheel chair, and lost his legs but he was there…he was an inspiration, things will get better.

Anyone who reads this how do you handle this stuff?  When you have to be the rock, and be witness to people who you care about more than life itself unravel and face challenges that are just huge? Anyone who cares to comment please do…


Ok, I just got a comment from someone that I am not going to publish. Here’s the thing, you can be LDS and also be interested in astrology.

All astrology is, is information, the stars and planets are there, they exist in the same universe as we human beings do.  Have you ever noticed how accurate some things are, things that were written a long time ago and not by holy people? It was just astrology.

Nancy Reagan is a believer and had a daily conversation with an astrologer.  The day her husband was shot she had altered his schedule just by a tiny amount based on the advice from her astrologer, it drove the Secret Service crazy in fact!  He survived, had the bullet been slightly one way or the other he might not have.

Joseph Smith studied astrology, and there are astrological markings on the outside of the SLC temple! So please, this doesn’t mean what you think it means commenter who I am not publishing your comment!