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I came across this and had to write about it, this is exciting and something that won’t occur again for a little over 30 years! The Leonid Meteor shower is happening tonight, well really early tomorrow morning which is essentially tonight if your planning to stay up for this spectacular spectacle.

What is particularly special about this to me, is that this one is in Leo which is my natal sign and also my youngest Koala’s natal sign.  She and I are going to watch this and soak up the energy of God’s beautiful light show.  The moon is also going to be full which could effect seeing the meteors, too much bright light, but also who doesn’t love a full moon? I certainly do…

I read this about the Leonids: “indeed, on that beautiful night in 1966, the meteors did, briefly fall like rain” how awesome is that!

After all of the stress and confusion that I have witnessed through this last cycle this is an awesome way to hopefully turn a page and start a new beginning.  I know I will be star gazing tonight, early tomorrow morning with my girls, hopefully others will too because who wants to wait 30 plus years for this to happen again?

There is a link below that talks about this, Jupiter is supposed to be visible as well so that should be exciting. I hope that anyone who reads this can enjoy…also share, have you ever seen a shooting star?

Love and light all!