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I love this woman. She is amazing. She is such a good role model, a philanthropist, a business woman, independent, loyal, smart, and of course an artist, she is just an amazing human being.

I am not even into country music, I like the older stuff like Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline, but not really the newer more modern country music.  I have a bunch of old records that I inherited from my Grand Dad, I like that stuff…

Anyway, I was in a terrible accident when I was twelve. It nearly killed me, it did kill my best friend, and I was stuck in a body cast in a hospital bed for several months. Fortunately for me I had a VCR and the video “9 to 5”, that movie is so funny and it really helped me get through what was a difficult time.

This video is particularly awesome as she tells the story of why she wrote this song and how it came about.  It makes the song even more beautiful if you ask me.

She was on a successful show, they likely would have done anything to keep her there, she literally could have named her price.  She went her own way though and that takes courage and fortitude, and she parted ways with love…how amazing is that!

More people in this life, in this world need to take a page from her book and follow her example…

I love this woman and will be a fan for life!