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Ahhhhhhhh, I can take a sigh of relief, my love is home, happy, and safe.  I do have one that is traveling right now but she is in safe hands.

This was too scary, I don’t want anymore of these near death medical emergencies whilst  he is on the other end of the country. If I could leave and fly out it might not be as bad, but the kids were suffering as well and I can’t just leave them.

We had a long talk in the car the other night, the kids and I, they are all so attached and invested in their Father, it is beautiful and a testament to what kind of a Father he is. It made me happy and feel good. It was like a therapy session for them, the three that were here, one was with him and thank God for that.  This is the second time this has happened this year, the kids needed a release and there were tears, a lot of love…

They know all the details, they know what we didn’t share with anyone else. I am torn on this, is that too much of a burden, or is it their right to know? They are not babies, or even children anymore.  I don’t share everything with people, I generally only share what my husband asks me too. Its his health so this seems right, the kids knew about everything this time. I am glad that we were able to talk about it.

This one was too close which makes me feel even more grateful for mercy. After talking with the Dr. here in CO, we more or less had a few days to a week and that would have been it, dead! I can’t handle even the thought of it, NO NO NO, is how I feel inside.  I am so happy that he is home, safe, and all snuggled up in our bed like a little burrito. Traveling is tiresome.

I’ve been informed that I’m being “cold shouldered” by someone, ok, whatever. I am still trying to wrap my head around it. If it makes people happy then I am happy to be alienated and cut off.  It does beg the question though why would anyone “need” or ‘require” that? I will never know, and I am fine with that.

Happy to oblige, but I will tell you that it is weird, un-necessary, and epically juvenile, wait who would expect anything less?

When I was informed of this I was like wait, what? So yeah, bring on the ice I suppose? My heart is still warm and my door is always open. Also, to the person who’s shoulder has turned cold, it’s ok, it’s fine, it really is, I forgive you, and the others. If anything I am sorry that anyone would put anyone else in such a position, there is room for everyone. When the tables turn as they always do please don’t worry about anything, this will only make sense to one person.

I am just so happy that ma babe is home! Woop Woop! I think I’ll post a song, hmmmm, what song?

Ok today is a U2 kind of day, a friend shared a new U2 song today so that set the tone…this one just makes me happy…

and this one because it is a very my husband song…this second one is good to play loud, LOUD, LOUD 🙂

and yet one more, this makes me think of him and is one of my favorite songs..

annnnnnd, since I am posting lots of songs one more, this one reminds me of my love…

Ok, one more, this song is just so beautiful and speaks from the soul…this might be the last one, or not, I am  just filled with joy tonight and music speaks things for me that I feel, hard to explain…