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Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lord…we are in serious need of help!

We have four kids, two and two, two boys and two girls.  I’ve already discussed the complicated family dynamics that are our family, it is complicated and yet quite simple all at the same time. The foundation is an enormous and infinite amount of love and with that you will never go wrong.  That doesn’t mean things are always easy, in fact it seems like they all prefer and choose the hard way.  Why?  This is a mystery to me…

I have a lot of formal post high school education.  I have two degrees and I even attended a vocational program back in my early twenties because I was interested in the subject.  I will talk about all of that some other time as it is very interesting, but for now the point I am making is I for whatever reason enjoyed school and went to and completed a lot of it.  I’ve taught as well, and honestly if I could always be working on another degree I probably would. If I had the means to be a perpetual student and just pile up degrees I think I would, because I enjoy learning.  Reading, writing papers, etc., etc., all things that I think are fun…Yes I fully admit I am weird!

My husband likes school too.  He went a different route than I did but once he was there he loved it.  He always wanted to go but money was an issue so he joined the Army. Not just because of money, he had a desire to serve our country also he wanted to follow in the foot steps of his Father.  Then after the Army when he started he had to quite due to responsibilities.  After we got married I was like why don’t you just go?  I already had one of my degrees and I just worked and he was able to go to school full time and not worry about a job.  It worked great, he loved it and graduated in a relatively short amount of time.

How is it that our kids are so not interested in college?  That isn’t entirely true, my oldest daughter is a student and she pulled a 4.0 for her first semester, yeah! The other daughter is still in high school and is talking about becoming a make up artist and she understands that college will be necessary.  Some day I see her on movie sets doing really cool artistic work, she is very creative.  The boys its a different story.

One had plans that didn’t work out, it isn’t fair or right but it is what it is.  He hadn’t planned on school but now he is starting the process, he is more open to it.  The other one not so much, in fact not much at all.

He has an opportunity being presented to him right now that is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It is one that many would kill for.  It involves going to college, he has to go if this is to happen.  He is so resistant, why oh why?  Did we go wrong somewhere?  The days of graduating HS and not doing anything else education wise are long gone.  How do you convince a young person of this?

I am seeking, begging for advice from anyone who will share it.  What did you do to convince your young adult that they need to bite the bullet and go to school?  My feeling is that once he is there he will find that it is not as hard as he thought it would be, that he is in fact very smart, and that he enjoys it.

What did you do to get your kid to that point?  Seriously, HELP, he won’t ever get an opportunity like this again…