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Happy New Year all! I know we are a week in but I am just getting around to this so there it is.

I’m glad that 13 is done and we are into a new year, I think that 2014 will be a good year.  Oh my, I just remembered there are midterm elections this year, that should be interesting.

2013 was a good year. We had two near death scares in this household which wasn’t fun. One child had a big let down but he has picked up the pieces and is moving forward. We still have one that we hope will go to college, one that is in college, and one still in high school. Things really are good.

I got a package in the mail from my little brother yesterday, he is so awesome. He sent me a purse, a gift card to a restaurant, and an awesome vintage set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. So that is what I’m going to be reading for the first part of the year.  I was planning to start Harry Potter over with book one, mostly because I love it so much and it makes me happy. Instead I will be doing something else, amongst other things.

I think that my relation that is mean and abusive has backed off as well! That is really good news, the best news really.  I’ve been given a promise that she will stay away so lets hope they keep it this time. An attempt was made to try to claim that some unknown person was masquerading as her to try to “stir the pot”, unfortunately that doesn’t work since IP addresses come with comments. They don’t normally matter what matters is the address usually, if I were to try to contact someone.

In fact “Azure” or the person I refer to as “Blue” that happened with, the link went straight back to the site and the e mail was undeliverable. Kinda makes it look like it is some certain person doesn’t it? So yeah, after all that I think that has all been buried and done…as Morrissey said “throw it in the sea like a dead cat” and who is more dramatic than Morrissey? Right NO ONE.

For those who are unfamiliar with who Morrissey is, he was the lead singer of a band called “The Smiths” in the 80’s, he went on to have a solo career also. He is drama, drama, drama…

But seriously Peace Be With Her, and that is genuine and from a sincere place.  There is a new family member working on joining us and it needs good vibes sent its way, good energy, positivity and love. I want it to have that and not to have its existence put into jeopardy from a blood pressure spike or some other complication. So literally PEACE be with her and with the little one.

As mean and awful as she has been towards me and my husband, my family, the little one is innocent and had no part in any of that. I wish them well and hope that things go well and stay healthy and positive – so there you are, we look forward to the day when we can meet the little one, as well as its siblings. They may be adults before that day comes but hey it will be a nice day when it eventually rolls around. I won’t be holding my breath or placing any bets that it will be in 2014… 😉

So that is that, the new year is looking really good from here. I hope that everyone else has a wonderful 2014, I think a lot might just be in store for this year! Cheers…

Two songs to get the year off right, on the right foot in my mind…

And one more, this one is more descriptive of how I want my year to go, I am on the Kundalini express, loads of Yoga will be done this year (hopefully)

Get on the train 😀