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So this was actually part of  my New Year’s post.  It was too interesting, cool, and amazing though so I felt it needed its own post.IMG_20140105_194453

My daughter is very special she is very sensitive and has had some special experiences. When she was young she had her Grandpa visit her who had passed years before she was even born. She never met him in this life, she was describing what she saw and my husband showed her a photo and that was him!

She even described what he was wearing which according to my husband is how he dressed, she knew details that she couldn’t have just made up. His hat, his suspenders, his plaid shirt, it is amazing and I believe her she has never wavered in her story and she was so young that it was just so unlikely that she would make it all up.

So look at what she caught when she snapped this picture!

Those are her special scriptures, they are the giant print, the largest that they publish. She has some uncorrectable vision issues that relate back to her birth. She can see and she has glasses they just don’t help a whole lot. So that is why the books don’t look like what most are used to seeing, they are a special set just for her.

Look at that beautiful orb! I think it is cool, I know that orbs are questionable, and it could be a camera glitch, but then it could be something else, can’t prove either way but very cool nonetheless…

The Orb is in between the books next to her hand btw if it is hard to see, very cool!

How do you feel about the paranormal?  Are orbs real or just camera glitches? If they are camera glitches why aren’t they consistent? I may share some more experiences later…