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I love happy reunions.  We had a very special one in our household yesterday.  This was actually years in the making, required an incredible amount of research, that might not be the best word but it is the best I can think of at the moment. All in all this was just so cool.  I shall explain, we have to go way back for this to make any sense.

When my oldest daughter was little she was faced with a set of stressful circumstances.  Her birth father and I weren’t together anymore and she was forced to go back and forth for visits.  There wasn’t a whole lot of consistency so it made a stressful situation worse.  It was what it was though and she carried on like a little trooper.

Often when children, especially very young children are in these types of situations they will find a comfort object that they keep with them at all times.  It is something that reminds them of their home, their family, their world.  They take it with them to both homes so it gets to know everyone, it helps them with their sense of security. Its much like little children who will have a special blanket, just add a whole other level to that.CCF26012014_00000

My daughter is a little Virgo, she likes structure, she has always been this way.  If there is none she will create it, it is an aspect of her personality.  So she had Angel Bear.  Angel Bear traveled all over the world with us, she’s been to Paris, Cancun, London, many trips to Texas, NYC, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Disneyland, Disney World, Camping, she went to pre-school, friends houses, everywhere.  As she got older she didn’t take Angel Bear with her everywhere but she was still an important part of her life.  CCF26012014_00001

Something terrible happened when she was around eleven and Angel went missing.  We looked everywhere, turned the house upside down.  We checked with friends to see if she left her at one of their homes, we couldn’t find her anywhere.  Tears were shed, many theories were hatched to see if someone took her out of malice, nothing we couldn’t find her anywhere and we never knew what happened.  She and her little sister even posted flyers to see if someone found her,  Angel Bear was missing… Until the other day…

Yes Angel Bear returned!  Angel is all grown up now just like my daughter is.  She has just been out of town doing what Angel Bears do, she was away at Angel Bear University.  She is back and they were reunited and it was so cool!

Yes, years worth of searching paid off and we finally found her.  You try finding a toy that was manufactured in an unknown year, that you bought from a store that went out of business.  A toy that could have been sitting in that store for two days or two years.  A toy that you know what it looks like but nothing else. Yeah, it is hard, but we did it.  It is a larger version but hey, so is my daughter, they both grew up.  IMG_0817

Angel Bear is home and it is really awesome… IMG_0818