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Knarled Ash Tree TrunkI actually love the word “Ash” and “Ashes”, Ash is a family name that is so close to my heart, in fact it is a huge big part of my heart.  My little brother and I have had discussions in the past about if either of us were ever lucky enough to have a son one of us would certainly name him “Ash”.  The picture to the left of the beautiful and proud knarled old Ash tree is a perfect representation of the Ashes of whom I speak, the Ashes of my heart.  That pic really doesn’t have a lot to do with the article that I am sharing, well in a way, I think that Ash tree has probably survived a blaze or two.

This article isn’t about the name Ash, it is about literal Ash and Ashes, about the fire and the burning down of parts of our lives.  Its about friendship, support, about being there for someone.  Its about love, and to me its about new beginnings.  Out of the Ashes the Phoenix rises, and that is a beautiful thing.  Getting there is the tough part.  I also like the line where she is referring to the people sitting in the meeting inside of the church and she refers to them as both “Friends and Vipers” isn’t that the truth.

Ok here it is, SO well worth the read… Phoenix


DSCN0025 Fire and Ash

I found this other picture and I love it so much, it seems to fit in perfectly with this post so I had to add it… Freedom