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What do you do for fun?  What is your hobby, what helps take your mind away from the mundane and helps you relax?

I admit that I have several hobbies, my interests are varied.  Yes blogging is one way that I deal with stress but I have many others.  This is one that I am sharing, maybe someone will read it and try it themselves.  A friend turned me onto this many years ago, it takes a bit of time and doesn’t always work out with an end result.  Its fascinating however so I shall share.

What you do is first you find an Antique Mall, Antique Store or Flee Market.  You can locate these pretty much anywhere in the country and actually worldwide.  I’ve never done this outside of the US but I would imagine that you could find some fascinating photos at flee markets and antique shops all over England. victorian2

So you locate a vendor that sells old photographs, often times they will have a big box full of them and generally they are originals.  The photos can be printed on paper or tin types doesn’t matter.  The key is to find one that moves you, where the person is looking right at you through time and wanting you to take the photo home and include them on your journey of life.  You want to look for photos that have a name on the back, some will have it on the front bottom. Make sure that it isn’t just the name of the photographer, you are looking for the name of the person in the photo.

Once you find one that speaks to you and has a name buy it and take it home.  This next step is a little bit more challenging, take the name and look it up and do the genealogy on that name.  This can take a long time, or you can get lucky real quick.  Once you’ve established who is in the photo, look for living relatives.  If you can find any send them a letter telling them the story of your journey and include the research.  Victorian Children

I can guarantee that if you get this far the long lost relatives will thank you and be overjoyed!  There are no guarantees that you will be successful so be prepared for some disappointment.  If you like a good mystery try this, it is a lot of fun!

Maude Fealy Victorian Actress

This is an example of a Victorian Actress photo. The actress in this photo’s name is Maude Fealy, she was very popular and in many early silent films.

I also like finding the old Victorian actress photos, they are easier to spot.  These are not the type that you would want to do a lot of research on as many times there were many copies printed, for fans and such.  They are still fascinating and it is fun to find out who the actress or actor was and their story.

Remember that these photos were all in a box at a flee market or antique mall, they are long lost treasures just waiting to be found!

Anyone who cares to share what do you do for fun?