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New York Times Article and Fathers Lounges.

I love this! Such a great response to that obnoxious blog post.

I feel like more thinking like this will serve all, it isn’t a battle between the genders. Why is it that people always make that assumption about Feminism?

I can see if one only studied the outdated and often crazy writing from some Feminist thinkers from the 1970’s but we are so beyond that.  We ARE in the third wave and all are welcome and invited to the table.  After all we ARE all in this together.

No one wants a man to take over a woman’s role or be a woman, be what he doesn’t want to be, or vice versa, but there is nothing wrong with discourse and finding ways to work together.  Ways in which everyone is recognized, respected, treated with dignity, and allowed for their voice to be heard.

I honestly have never understood why Father’s don’t get maternity leave, they are just as involved and important to the child’s life and development, seriously something that needs to be changed.

I might just write a series on this and share quite a bit!


Ok so I’m adding some songs, and I don’t care if anyone thinks its cheesy, here is a giant slice of gouda for the cheesy crowd!

Both Feministy songs, and Kate’s is my favorite because her music is the music of my soul…that song is so perfectly descriptive of a woman’s journey…one last thing if anyone reads this far and actually watches the video and listens to the songs, if your wondering what “Gaffa” is shoot me a comment and I shall explain!