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Blood MoonSo exciting things tonight for all of the other Moon Children out there!  So tonight’s light show is actually a “Pink Moon” which will have a reddish orange hue which also gives it the name “Blood Moon”.  I’ve read that Native Americans called it the Pink Moon because it is associated with the blooming of wild pink moss, or ground phlox.

I like new beginnings and that is how I am choosing to view this event.  Passover starts today at sundown and the significance is certainly not lost here, the blood moon, blood over the doors, release from bondage, on and on.  Pink Moon

A blog that I love and that acted as a catalyst for our familial relations is ending, the blog owner posted today that after six years she is ending her blog and focusing on other parts of her life.  For me there is significance in this happening today, why not a week ago, or two weeks from now?  Why not four days from now, or even tomorrow?  Here is a link to that blog, there is a lot of wisdom stored there in case anyone ever wants to read it, lots of posts about lots of subjects. http://diapersanddivinity.com/2014/04/14/all-good-things-must-come-to-an-end-a-bloggy-farewell/comment-page-1/#comment-24775

The fact that I came upon this persons blog in my view was no accident, I don’t understand why it all is so weird nor do I think I ever will but it has lead to a domino of events.  Who knows whats next?  I am sticking to the advice that I was given to me by a wise woman.

In honor of new beginnings and to celebrate the Eclipse tonight I am sharing a song, a couple of songs, let the moon beams shine down on all the budding wildflowers and wild pink moss.  Spring is here, new things, new beginnings, new adventures, and all things positive! Pink Forest

and one more, couldn’t resist…