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The little town that I’ve written a few posts about, the one with the Veteran’s memorial project is pronounced Doo-Shane even though the spelling looks and sounds like Du-Chez-Nee.  It’s a small town in Eastern Utah with lots of history.

I’m not posting any of the comments that I’ve received about the memorial so please don’t take it personally or think that your comments weren’t appreciated, I’m just not posting any of them on this one.

I still can’t figure out if this monument committee just doesn’t understand what my Husband offered them, or if they are just out right refusing donations?

To be clear in case I wasn’t in my previous posts, he offered to donate ALL of the money to have ALL of the Veterans names engraved.

He simply asked for a list of names to see how many still needed donations, they did after all confirm that there were TWO lists.  I think that is a generous offer and I am a little shocked that any committee trying to raise funds would turn such a generous offer down?

Maybe they don’t realize what he was offering?