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patriotic kidsOne more update, this will probably be the final update.  The Veteran’s memorial in Duchesne was dedicated and it turned out to be nice despite all of the issues previously discussed here on this blog.

The bronze statues are very nice and it was tastefully done.

Honestly it is nice to see that this was made a priority, not just the Veterans being made a priority but the arts as well. Projects such as this bring people together and I hope to see more of them in the future.  It seems like there used to be more time and resources dedicated to projects like this and they went away for a while.  Budgets got tighter which causes priorities to shift, I don’t think there is one answer but it is refreshing to see that this was done.

I think that these days it is easy for people to be hyper critical and get carried away with the internet snark.  Sometimes criticism which should be constructive comes off as something else, what was intended gets lost or ill intentioned people cherry pick things to run with to completely change the conversation.

I am glad that this memorial happened and that the names from our family that are there are.  I am grateful for the perseverance of the planners of this monument and for the generosity of all of the craftsmen and businesses that donated time, labor and materials.  I am also happy that this is going to be an ongoing work in progress and that there will always be room for more names to be added.

The name issue and the donations for names is going to be an ongoing one, it turns out that we actually have five members not three whose names should be there.  As far as I know two names are on the monument, my Father in Law and my Husband.  We will continue to work on getting the names engraved of everyone who should be included.

american-flag-2aI still feel that asking the Vets themselves or their family members to pay the fee or their name stays off is wrong.  What kind of a position does that put people in?

My MIL is a perfect example, asking her to pay – or if she can’t afford it to choose which family member’s name is engraved is just mean.  How is she supposed to choose between her Father, Sister, Brother, Husband or Son, that is an impossible choice!  It’s almost to the level of “Sophie’s Choice”, not as bad but the sentiment certainly is. I can guarantee that she wouldn’t make the choice because she loves all of them,  how many others were also put into this impossible situation?

So in the end it is a lovely memorial, could’ve been planned a little better and especially the fundraising could’ve been organized and carried out in a better way…it is a nice installation and an honorable tribute.

Below is a link to the actual memorial, and haha notice the name that is right on top behind the Mayor when she is being interviewed, funny how that happened.  I also included the You Tube link for watching videos, all proceeds will still be donated to pay for any Veterans whose names were missed, left off due to lack of a donation, and future Vets.