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So today the founder of OW was excommunicated from the LDS church.  To many this is not really  news and it was a foregone conclusion that this would happen.  To others this is devastating and they are considering resigning themselves.  I’ve read posts on FB where people are saying they are leaving and removing all of their kids names as well.

I am unusually on the fence on this one.  I know its an odd place for me I usually have pretty strong opinions, and  maybe I do here and that is what puts me on the fence.

My parents are converts, they grew up fully immersed in other traditions.  When they converted to being LDS they didn’t suddenly loose all of those memories, feelings, all of that knowledge, rather they just added to it.  I was raised by parents who when it came to the big question for OW they always said “in the Lord’s time”.  So what does that mean?  It means eventually, as in all things eventually.

I remember watching President Hinckey on Larry King and Larry asked him about this issue and his response was something to the effect that it was a possibility in the future, that the women of the church weren’t agitating for it.  I so miss him and respected his honesty, he was so forthright.

So yeah I really don’t know.  As far as myself and my Husband are concerned I see it as a symbiotic relationship, I am happy for him to have it and I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything, rather a necessary and active participant.

I respect Kate Kelly and will say that she is one of the most devout people I have ever encountered.  I support her and am sad for her today.

Mosiah 18:9 perfectly sums up my feelings towards Kate and all of the others that are hurting over this.

I’ve been asked about this a lot honestly, I am a strong believer in equality in all ways.  My other thoughts and feelings on the issue can be found in Luke 15:3-9, and those passages have reflected my feelings from the start.

I am no scriptorian, not even close.  I am not and do not claim to be a super devout LDS person, I am just an LDS person trying to make sense of the world as much as the next.

I support the struggle even though it isn’t mine, this isn’t my issue….