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Not really…that is just the title of the book I am currently reading, well one of the books.  This however isn’t going to be a post about that.  It is turning out to be a really good book but I am not all the way through it so it wouldn’t make sense to be writing about it.

I saw the cutest movie today, it’s called “Austenland” and it really was a good movie.

I love Jane Austen, who doesn’t?  In fact I think it probably is almost a cliche’ for women who grew up LDS.  I can’t tell you how many “Jane Austen Parties” I’ve been to.  They are awesome and fun and who doesn’t like to dress up every once in a while.

I am also a fan of the more modern adaptations of JA’s books…”Clueless” that was one that my friends and I loved when I was in college.  I remember my friend Teri calling me and telling me that I had to see it, that it was a modern adaptation of “Emma”.  Oh my and I love “Bridgette Jones’ Diary” as well as “Bridgette Jones: The Edge of Reason”, modern takes on “Pride and Prejudice”.   My husband doesn’t like Bridgette but I love her.

Then of course there are all of the film adaptations of Jane’s books that aren’t modern, I like Kiera Knightly’s P&P the best but there are many others.

So next time you decide to have a rainy day movie fest include Austenland in your Jane Austen fest, you won’t be sorry it seriously is a cute movie and it is safe if you have younger viewers.

We’ve had such a crazy past few weeks, this little escape from reality was something that I seriously needed.

Happy 19th of July, today is my Sister’s birthday!

I decided to add a playlist to this post.  This play list has nothing to do with Jane Austen, or The Lincoln Hypothesis, or my Sister’s Birthday…it’s just a play list that I made the other day, songs that make me happy – yes I will admit it more escapism, enjoy!