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Every once in a while someone will send me a message asking me about something that I wrote.  I get a lot of obnoxious stupid comments from people connected to one of my relatives.  I think of those comments/questions as nats, or flies at a barbeque.  There only purpose is to annoy and harass, I generally don’t answer them or even publish them, there just isn’t any point.  Other times I will get nice messages from people asking about whatever, these I welcome and enjoy.

So a new friend in New Zealand who came across my blog sent me a message asking what I mean when I say that I am “Orange and Green”?  This is a good question and a fun one to answer.

It is a reference to both a song by the Irish Rovers as well as the flag of the Republic of Ireland.  You see there has been a war waging over there for a few years.  You can research all the details of how they came to have this flag but basically the green represents Catholicism and the orange represents Protestantism, the white in the center represents peace and the two living together in harmony.  Irish Flag

I come from a long line of both Catholics and Protestants, in fact no matter how far back you go in my family you will find both and usually living under the same roof.  It varies which partner is which, and there are periods where they came together as one and then later other periods where everyone was right back to it.  Me myself I am both.  My parents converted to being LDS when I was a child from being full time Catholics.  I’m sure there are people who manage to full blown convert every aspect of their lives but that just wasn’t the case there are plenty of carry overs.

Frankly I’m happy about being raised in and in between two traditions at the same time, it gives one a broader perspective.  Then I go and marry a classic WASP, and I am referring to LDS as Protestant in the broadest of definitions, as in Christian but not Catholic.  I know that a lot of Mormons have an issue with being referred to as Protestant, they prefer Reformist and such, whatever your not Catholic and your Christian!

So here is the song by the Irish Rovers that so perfectly and humorously describes so many generations of my family.  And yes I am of Irish descent also so that fits nicely as well.  My Grandfather’s Mother, my Mothers Father’s Mother was an Irish Catholic from Boston married to a first generation immigrant from England WASP, I am told that this song described their happy union to a tea.

If you can’t appreciate the humor in this then I feel sorry for you…Enjoy the song and thank you for the message New Zealand seems like an awesome place!