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Here we are again, Shana Tovah all!  I spent six weeks in Europe once with a group of people, mostly Australians.  It was SO much fun.  The director had what he called a “morning song”  it was a song he played every morning when we were getting going.  It was a signal to anyone who had maybe partied too much the night before that it was indeed morning, and kind of a sign that we were off on a new adventure.  The title was “Let’s go Round Again” by Louise.  It just seemed like a fitting song for a new year, new beginnings all of that.

There is something that I need to deal with, I have been avoiding this but might as well get it over with.  There is some person or persons who are connected to one of my relatives who seem to enjoy sending me weird obnoxious messages.  Seriously just stop, find a new hobby or someone else to obsess over.  It is entirely possible that it is the relative, or the other one, I kind of doubt it but its a possibility.

Whoever you are you are creative with your on line name changing it up here and there, but really move on.

Yes I know about the new one, Congrats all around. No I didn’t send a gift, I did buy one and I was advised by another family member not to bother sending it that it would end up in the trash so I never sent it.  I sent the kids birthday cards but I was told by another individual that this upset her so no I haven’t sent anymore, nor have I ever sent them any birthday gifts.  Seriously you’ve sent a lot of strange messages, and asked a lot of odd questions, and you seem to know about some of this but gosh isn’t there a better use of your on line time?  Why not find a politician to harass, or find a chat group or really anything other than me.

No one wishes ill on her or her family, really I wish nothing but the best for them, all of them.  She did some terrible things to my husband, some effort was made to make things better by her husband and myself but there was either a communication break down, or someone just didn’t want to listen or care, and maybe it was a little of both, I can’t say which but as far as you go seriously your not helping, not really hurting either your just weird.

I posted this about a year ago: https://starbugary.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/shana-tova/#comments  and it really sums up my views on this matter.  I get that you, whoever you may be seem to be interested in this whole thing, it will eventually be resolved that is what happens when your dealing with family.

That all needed to be said and yeah, I seem to have a dedicated troll that is very much in love with one of my relatives.  Weird is putting it lightly.

The point being take some time out to look at things, pray, meditate, contemplate, do whatever it is that you do and works for you.  It doesn’t have to be because it’s the Jewish New Year, it could be because its a new day, or choose a day that is significant for you.  Draw a line in the sand for yourself and make a choice to change something in your life for the better, that is what the Jewish New Year means to me.  On the day of this High Holiday that people in another part of the world were observing my life changed forever and for the better.

As I shared in my post last year it wasn’t without loss, everything wasn’t perfect.  Being so blessed and loosing something so precious at the same time is an interesting and unique crossroads to be on.  It all works out though, and it did.

Maybe there is something that you’ve been wanting to change?  Maybe you want to be more indifferent about something, or less?  Whatever it is, its your life and you can change things.

I mentioned in the past that I am not Jewish so it might seem strange to some that one of the Jewish High Holidays is so significant to me and even matters to me.  I can see that, this isn’t cultural appropriation however, and it isn’t because I wish I was something that I’m not.  A major life event for me happened to occur on that day several years ago and it will always be a special day for me.  We are all children of the same creator and I have no doubt in my mind that everything happened the way it did because I was being watched over and protected.

My daughter’s ancestors are from Europe, and before and during WWII they were part of the underground.  This came at a great price to them as the Father was eventually caught by the Nazis.  That is a fascinating story in and of itself and I will probably write about it some other time.  It ties into this special day for me in that there literally are people who are alive today thanks to the risks that her ancestors took, and they are celebrating this holiday.  It is significant to me, profound, one of those things that when you think about confirms to you that there has to be a bigger design going on, there are angels and we are all being watched over.

So Shana Tovah all and let’s do this again, I never realized how well the lyrics to that song fit in with this holiday…