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This entire Ebola outbreak is seriously freaking me out! NObola, NObola go away and stay put!  Go back to where you came from and never rear your germy awful self again…is Ebola caused by a bacteria?  I honestly don’t know much about it other than it is deadly and gross, plain awful and WAY too close to my family.

My little brother who I love dearly is in Ebola’s nasty awful midst!  He and I are very close, we are closest in age so we literally grew up together.  I love all of my sibs but he is my closest.  He is in Liberia right now!  He is right there in the belly of the beast and to say that I am worried is an understatement.

He isn’t a healthcare worker so he isn’t as close as some, he is a disaster management specialist.  And yes this is his chosen career and what he signed up for, still I am worried.

The good thing, the thing that brings great comfort is the fact that he is very good at what he does.  For him to be assigned such a big disaster is a sign of trust and respect, they don’t just willy nilly assign people to something so big unless they are certain they can handle it.  This isn’t his first big dangerous undertaking and won’t be his last, but gosh EBOLA!

There are other concerns another big one being Malaria.  You can do things to avoid Ebola, it is preventable but malaria is up to the mossies.  One bite is all it takes and your sick.

It isn’t just me, my Sister is totally freaked out as well and she has been afraid of things like this for the past fifteen or so years.  She read that book “Hot Zone” and that was it.  She travels all over the world as well and her getting sick is also a concern.  And also the one US city where we had to have our first case had to be the city where she lives, not helping!

I color code things as I have a unique relationship you could say with colors.  I taste them as well as feel them not exactly interesting or significant.  Yesterday I just wanted to drink something red because it makes me happy and is a nice little stress release.  My husband is so cute he stopped at the convenience store on his way home to get me something red and they were out of Hawaiian Punch, fortunately he was able to find something else, I don’t even know what it was but it was red and did the trick.

I know that the solution to this anxiety and worry is for him to come home and this mission he is on to be complete.  That isn’t going to be happening anytime soon though.

What do you do to deal with stress like this?  Are you as afraid of eeevil Ebola as I am?