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So I’ve already discussed the fact that my brother is in a seriously dangerous situation and place at present.  I’ve never been one to obsess over sickness and germs.  Of course we take precautions, and other than my husband’s illness and a few things that my daughter went through we have been fairly healthy.  We are fortunate  I suppose.

Someone close to me had a baby in July.  A beautiful healthy little boy, he is adorable.  He wasn’t planned but welcomed, his older siblings are quite a bit older which means their immune systems have had years to build up anti bodies against everything.  The entire family is completely freaked out that he will catch something so they haven’t really been going out or having visitors that aren’t normally in the house.  You would think that would be enough to keep all the germs away right?  Wrong, his older sister and older cousin who both live there could easily bring something home from school with them, and everyone knows that schools are like petrie dishes for illness.

Thinking about him in his tiny fragile state makes me think of how many little ones are in harms way where my brother is?  How hard would that be to have to watch a baby die from Ebola, watching a baby die from anything would be terrible but Ebola is just nasty stuff!  Really just all babies in general, they are amazing and beautiful, yet so fragile.

The anxiety of all of this is really hitting my family, my Mother is very concerned, we all are.  I pray that he doesn’t get bit and end up with Malaria, he said he started taking extra vitamin B as soon as he found out he would be going there.  I really just want him to stay safe and for this to be over.  It is turning out to be a much bigger mess than originally thought so the end date as far as my family is concerned might be later than sooner, not good.

I lost my Father a few years ago, my husband lost his several years ago, they are both missed dearly.  My husband and I both feel their presence, both of them often and I feel like they are watching over us.  That brings me great comfort to think about, the notion that he is also watching over my brother.

Is this whole Ebola mess freaking you out as much as it is me?  Do you think it will reach epidemic levels in the US?  How do you cope with anxiety like this surrounding family?