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This makes my blood boil!  On the surface this article might not seem so significant to most, but what it says and what it both implies and confirms are huge and very scary. landmine

There are many Gulf War Veterans suffering from horrible debilitating neurological diseases, my husband is one of them.  Our government has always claimed that chemical weapons were  never fired during the conflict, and maybe they are correct.  They were however littered all over the place in bunkers and stock piles.  What do you think happens when those are blown up?  Right, whatever is in them gets into the air and the wind blows thereby exposing anyone in the winds path to whatever is in the air.  This low level exposure caused a lot of damage to the soldiers.

Now I read this and it looks like it just kept on happening, soldiers were exposed in the second part of the Gulf War, the Iraq War.  No one mentioned this stuff though because it wasn’t what they were looking for, it wasn’t proof of an ongoing WMD program, they were just left overs from the 80’s.  To me this is still news and those Soldiers should have been protected in as best a way possible, instead now they are sick just like all the other Gulf War Vets!

And to top it all off it would seem that ISIL or DAESH or whatever its called, the current group of insane terrorists who are taking over Irag are very aware of these chemical weapons, know where to find them and intend to collect them and use them.  This is seriously NOT GOOD!

We watched a program a few years ago about the “Demineurs” in France, they are experts in clearing old mines that are left over in fields.  It turns out that they find unexploded shells all the time, a few a week in fact.  Still containing things like mustard gas and other dangerous chemicals.  They store them in a pile in a shed, or in a barn, I have no idea what they do with them next?  If someone from the French government comes and picks them up and disposes of them properly, or if they just sit in a big pile and collect dust?  These are all things that are still being found that are left over from WWI, and WWII.  It is frightening because a terrorist could just go pick them up and possibly use them! France stockpile 2France stockpile

It would seem that they don’t need to go to France, there are weapons littered all over Iraq that they can use for these nefarious purposes!

The link to the article is below, well worth a read.