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Two blawg posts in one day!

So have you ever been in a situation that was really, really strange?  A situation that for the life of you, you couldn’t figure out how it got to where it was?  Then in that same instance you realized, fully understood that there was someone right there with you?  Someone deep in the trenches with you, by your side, deflecting bullets, protecting you in every way they possibly can?

It is an interesting place to be, I am there, I’ve been there for a while now.  I found out about a few things, I’m told there’s more, that had been kept from me out of protection.  At this point I don’t want to know the more, unless it is helpful, it doesn’t matter.  The part that matters has been communicated, I am loved, completely and unconditionally and nothing will ever change that.

Its a beautiful feeling.  This Talking Heads song describes my feelings on this right now…it’s such a great song to!