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Two days from now is the anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall which basically brought about the end of the “Iron Curtain”.

I was in Jr. High at the time, comfortable living in the US, protected, sheltered, I saw it all unfold on TV.  I remember watching it with my Dad, a Vietnam Veteran with a BA in History.  He was happy don’t get me wrong but he was reserved, there was a bit if nervousness on his face.  At the time it didn’t occur to me but he knew how unsteady things can be, he knew that one rouge officer could have literally started WWIII.

And really for a person who had stuck his own neck out and served his country in the fight against global Communism the wall coming down had to mean a lot. Its really profound to think about, I wish that I could call him and talk about it all right now, death sucks it really does!

So my husband was stationed on the border between East and West in Germany when this all happened.  His perspective and recollections on this are fascinating, probably one that most have never even considered, I know I hadn’t.  The link below is from his You Tube Channel and his words speak for themselves.  So have a look, see a world event through another persons eyes, imagine all those little cars!

Oh yes and please subscribe to his channel, he donates the money to Veterans projects so watching them does more good in the world than you might think…