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One step forward two steps back, endlessly!  I was so happy the other day, I thought that this situation in my life had finally reached a happy peaceful place,  a place of understanding, a new beginning, a re boot, a time to just start over with certain people and move forward…Nope, I was mistaken.

Why?  Good question, I have no clue I really don’t.

You see I had found out that a whole bunch of unpleasantness had been being kept from me, out of pure love and concern.  Someone cares about me so much that he was deliberately  not sharing certain things that he knew would hurt my feelings, cause me to ask a lot of questions that don’t have answers, he was doing what he could to protect me, and I must admit it is a WONDERFUL feeling to find out that someone loves you so unconditionally and will bare such a burden just to protect your feelings, my feelings.

I was at a place where I really thought things were moving forward and I didn’t even want to know any of the other details, they didn’t matter to me…anything else that was lurking was outdated and old news as far as I was concerned, I just didn’t care anymore because I thought that the page had finally been turned, we were starting a new chapter…wrong…

At this point I am just confused, were they  being honest? Were they lieing? What else are they telling lies about?  Are they deliberately telling lies or do they just not understand?  I don’t know, these are all real questions.

So cha cha away I guess…

Remember Barry and Barry from the 80’s movie Club Paradise?  They are what I call “Cha Cha Men”, why? Dunno, they just are!  Barry and Barry

Barry and Barry really have nothing to do with this post, other than being Cha Cha Men, just a little levity for an otherwise troubling and challenging situation.

How would you handle a situation such as this?  What would you do?