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I don’t usually blog about politics or issues like this, not because I don’t have opinions or ideas I just use other forums to discuss.  This however has gotten under my skin and I feel like talking about it so here it is…

I came across this article today, it looks like the gov. already knows that no charges will be filed, why else would he be doing this? http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/11/17/1345531/-Governor-Jay-Nixon-declares-a-state-of-emergency-in-Missouri?detail=facebook

I am so tired of stories like this, this is so senseless!

There was the guy in Utah, Darien Hunt, they shot him in the back because they thought he might be a danger to someone with his sword…since when is having a sword in public illegal? I could even understand if there was someone who was complaining that they felt threatened but that isn’t the case here, the police acted as judge and jury and shot him rather than use a taser or something non lethal.

As far as Michael Brown goes, Wilson was wrong! He had a gun, a taser, mace, a radio, legs he could chase him with, handcuffs, he had plenty of other options.  I’ve said this over and over, Tennessee v. Garner, look it up.  It is a 1985 SCOTUS case that totally fits the Michael Brown case.

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that a police officer can not act as judge and jury, they are required to make chase and use non lethal methods to subdue a suspect and arrest.  Especially if the suspect is clearly un armed, which witnesses have already stated that he was clearly unarmed wearing shorts and a t shirt, and I think one even said he stated he was unarmed before he died.

Yes, yes I know Officer Wilson has used the classic “I feared for my life” excuse, and maybe he did on some level but seriously, I don’t think that should be a valid excuse for police officers.  Why are they even in that line of work if they are so afraid of danger?  Aren’t they supposed to be trained? Training similar to military training where one is taught how to set fear aside, there is a process and they are supposed to be trained in this.

Wilson not only had other ways to subdue Brown, mace, taser, running and handcuffing, not that any of it was even necessary since witnesses have said he was surrendering with his hands up. He KNEW that back up was on the way!

Everyone knows that I feel like George Zimmerman got away with murder.  I felt like he was guilty, I think he was hopped up on Adderall and had that been  brought in as evidence Dr.’s who know about that drug would have told the jury that it acts like Cocaine and can cause paranoia and aggression.  I think that is why they fought so hard to be able to tell the jury that Trayvon had some tiny amount of weed in his system then they choose  not to mention it.  Had they brought it up then whatever was in Zimmerman’s system would have been fair game, and even though it may have been prescribed that doesn’t change the effect it can have on a person and their decision making process.

I think there would have been a different outcome to that trial, we will never know though.  But the point here is Zimmerman said he “feared for his life” and maybe he did, I thought that since he called the cops and had the knowledge that they’d be there any moment that it shouldn’t have mattered. To me Trayvon was the one in fear for his life, he was standing his ground, he didn’t have that knowledge that the cops would be there momentarily.  After all that I buy Zimmerman’s excuse before I buy it from Officer Wilson!

Wilson is a uniformed trained police officer, Zimmerman was just a private citizen.  We as a society arm police officers, we give them guns, ammo, tasers, rubber bullets, clubs, shot guns, mace, vests, and most importantly RADIOS.  We as tax payers pay them salaries, and we provide a whole network for them, there is always back up and if they follow the rules they call for it. I don’t think they should be able to use the “I feared for my life” excuse in the same way that a private citizen can use it.

How was Michael Brown a threat?  Sure when they had the scuffle he may have been but he was running away, he stopped and had his hands up. I believe all the witnesses who’ve said this, why would they lie?

There is no reason why Wilson couldn’t have hand cuffed him, or tased him, or waited until back up got there to help him.  This young man didn’t need to die, this was an abuse of power.

Officer Wilson acted as judge and jury and denied Michael Brown his constitutional rights to be charged, to a trial, to fair and humane treatment, he was gunned down in the street like a rabid dog then left there for hours to add insult to injury!

The way in which this whole process has been handled also points to the fact that they never intended to charge Wilson.  I don’t believe that he would have testified before the grand jury without some assurance, he would have invoked his fifth amendment rights.  All the lies told by the police department, their lack of transparency, the leaks, it never seems to end!

My hope is that change can come to that community.  That people will register to vote and actually vote and let their voices be heard.  That community is so backwards and upside down, its sickening really.  I hope that Michael Brown’s tragic death can be a catalyst for real change, change for the better.

He didn’t need to die, he may have made a mistake but nothing that rises to the level of a justifiable shooting by a uniformed officer.  Sorry Officer Wilson, you had lots of tools at your finger tips to protect your life, its Michael Brown’s life who you disregarded and took and you should have to pay!

I had to add this, I came across this today (I published this a few days ago).  So it would seem that Michael Brown passed away 148 ft. from Officer Wilson’s vehicle!

Think about how far that is…Michael Brown was running away, he was afraid, how was he a threat to Wilson’s life if he was fleeing? Further 148 ft, that is half a football field.  It certainly looks and sounds like Officer Wilson just shot and executed Mr. Brown rather than make chase like he should have and arrest him.  And if this is the case which is looks like it is then the 1985 SCOTUS case Tennessee vs. Garner completely and totally applies.  The case fits!

There are striking similarities between what happened in Tennessee Vs. Garner and what happened between Michael Brown and Officer Wilson.  To my knowledge there was no scuffle in the Tennessee case, there was  no confrontation between the officer and the suspect, but beyond that the cases are very close.  I think it is important to remember that Wilson still had his gun, so if Brown did really try to reach for it he didn’t get it, witnesses say he was clearly unarmed and even stated so…It looks like Wilson just didn’t want to do his job and chase him down and arrest him! The link is below…