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This is actually really hilarious.  So I was just speaking to someone, they told me about how something just went down for them, it went like this…

Telephone rings


Hi, is so and so there?

Yes, who’s calling?

This is so and so

Oh you! Hang on…

(end of story)

I am  not even kidding either! What is up with people?  It would seem the drama is wider spread than I originally thought?  I honestly don’t know.  I’ve always known that this person didn’t like us, I’ve heard rumors of the judgmental attitude but I never paid much attention. Maybe I am wrong, would be nice if I am but WOW!  Don’t ever interpret devotion to a particular faith or dedication to a certain paradigm or way of living as a reflection of how an individual will treat others.  They say church’s are full of sinners, the worst offenders are who need it the most.  Maybe that is correct, just don’t ever tie in the outwardly devoted to Christlike behavior, its a mistake.