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So I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  Because of multiple factors, things in my life with challenging people, but also because of events in the world.

I’ve already blogged about my feelings and views of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson.  In my view the entire thing was handled poorly, it was just wrong on so many levels.  I disagree with the Grand Jury, I feel like there was plenty of probable cause for Wilson to have been charged.  I however wasn’t on the Grand Jury so I can’t second guess them, I have no idea how the evidence that has all been released was presented to them.  The whole thing sickens me.

What if though at this point Officer Wilson acted and reacted in the total opposite way to how he has been?  So far he has been smug, he gave an interview to ABC where he stated that he had no regrets and would do it all again.  But what if he wasn’t acting this way, what if he was so noble as to be contrite and just admit that he made a mistake?  Would that have any effect on how things are going down now?

I totally understand his need to protect himself but he isn’t going to be tried, and I don’t think he even can be at this point.  So what if he just sought forgiveness from the family of his victim, from the entire African American community in Ferguson?  What if he turned this platform that he now has into something positive and worked toward real change?

The same can be said about George Zimmerman, and everyone knows how I feel about that.  Since George Zimmerman was acquitted he has just gotten into more trouble.  He has threatened other people, got into a huge war with his now ex wife.  Trayvon Martin’s mother has already said that she forgives him, she wanted an apology, I don’t know if she has gotten one yet, I kind of doubt it.

What if both of these people embraced the messes they got themselves in and acted in a noble way and did good things?  I think things could be different, they could actually effect change.  They can’t be re tried so why not?

One of my favorite quotes, one that always makes me laugh was something that Oscar Wilde said, he said: “Always forgive your enemies; Nothing annoys them so much”. I know not exactly in the spirit of changing the world and being contrite and reaching out, but there is something there.

Maybe that is why I forgive so easily?  I really do, I look for positives in situations. I admit with the mess I have with certain relatives I don’t see any positives, they have lovely children there that is a positive.  And I can forgive, I like moving on and letting things go, but when you find out a person is saying one thing to you and then you learn about all the vileness that they’ve been spewing about you behind your back its a little hard to take them seriously ever again.

So back to what I was talking about…Wilson and Zimmerman, do you think that anything would be different or could be if they both acted differently than they are and have been?  Do you think they could change the world in a positive way by being contrite and sorry for their actions?