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So can we talk reality tv?  I love it as a genre, I think it is fascinating.  Now its true you do have to wade through a lot of utter stupidity and boring shows that make you sit and wonder how anyone ever got that green lit.  You also are introduced to some shall we say different types of people and characters.  All in all though I find it to be quite entertaining.

Lately the one that has become my favorite is on Bravo, it’s called “Euros of Hollywood”.  I seriously just LOVE this show, I shall explain this will take a little back ground explaining.

I don’t know what it is or why but I’ve always been attracted to or attracted a more international crowd, that is the best way I can describe it.  For example when I was in High School all of the exchange students for whatever reason gravitated towards me, every year I would end up making friends with most of them.  In fact I had one that I was very close to and he was absolutely awesome he was a German named Sebastian.

I went to some formal dance with this drop dead gorgeous beautiful guy from Sweden named Johan when I was a Jr. That was such a fabulous date because he went to great lengths to make it as awesome as possible, spared no expense, and he hardly could speak English so it was just so much fun trying to communicate, he just sat there looking beautiful all night and seriously he could have been a model. Anyway, all of that is another story for another time.

I love Heidi Klum to, I just love the whole excitement of people who are immigrating and that are willing to make such a big commitment and take such a leap.

So Euro’s is just the best show! You have an Albanian pop star named Bleona, a German DJ named Sascha, a Swedish DJ named Isabel, a Danish jeweler named Jannik, an Austrian artist named Fawni, and my favorite an Italian actor named Massimo!  They are SO entertaining, their attitudes, their fights, their drama, their wardrobe, gahhh just watch it!

I will write more about this later, I have some other ties to Europe that might  be influencing why I am so entertained by this. Well I will just say it now, so my ex is Dutch therefore I have a little more experience with the newer Americans than just exchange students visiting in High School.  How weird is that? I just realized whilst typing this that my husband almost married a German girl and was on the rebound when he actually did get married for the first time. That is weird in a sense, me a Dutch guy and him a German gal…maybe not so strange who knows?

What a disjointed blog, ok so watch this show it is entertaining and just fascinating.

In fact I would love to make a movie or something based on this concept, they could have like a DJ off, so Sascha and Isabel on opposing sides, like a competition with Mossimo the Italian guy dancing in the middle. Fawni could be in the corner making a painting based on however the vibe is of the evening. Bleona could come in with her awesome costumes and sing, I don’t know that she even needs to loose her Albanian accent isn’t there some producer who can make it work for the US market and English? Jannik would style and adorn everyone in awesome jewelry and be kind of like a director of sorts. It could work and you would of course get Heidi Klum possibly Arnold Schwarzeneger and maybe someone like Ryan Seacrest to host…could work, seriously!

Ok so I had to add a song, you all know how I love to add songs! Anyway, this is a special one in honor of my favorite Euros of Hollywood! And I LOVE this song btw, I always have so enjoy!

Do you like reality TV?  What is your favorite show? Why? Do you like the Euros? Who is your favorite?