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So some of the awesome people and friends who read my blog on the regular have sent me questions that I never seem to get around to answering.  Sorry, it isn’t deliberate or to be mean or anything I just usually end up thinking about stuff and then write whats on my mind at that moment.

So anyway one question that a friend in Oz, Australia, sent me was “What are your favorite You Tube Channels?” That is a good question.

I love You Tube don’t get me wrong but I am kind of all over the place. I sometimes buy movies that aren’t available on Netflix or that I don’t own so those are fun. I was looking at my purchases and I seem to prefer to purchase series on You Tube, like the Starz series “The White Queen”, I just bought that one recently and I love it. I watched it when it was on Starz but buying it on You Tube means it isn’t taking up DVR space. I think my next series purchase will be “Outlander”.

I LOVED Outlander, so much so that I even bought the books to see what happened next.  Stars did a sneeky and released a half season, so you are all excited to see whats next and you have to wait another six months! Not me, I bought the book and read it, and it was AMAZING! I am on the second book right now.

So You Tube…My favorite channel ever ever ever is my Husband’s.  It isn’t a subject that I am so into but I love the passion behind it and he works very hard on it, he responds to all comments, and seriously you see stuff on there that you literally can’t find anywhere else.  He regularly has news agencies from all over the world seeking permission to broadcast some of his stuff.  And to top it all off you are helping Veterans out by watching his videos as he donates the money to different Veterans projects!

Next I love Beauty Blogs. I have three top favorite Beauty Bloggers: Jaclyn Hill, Goo Roo Beauty, and Make Up Geek.  I love make up, hair products, awesome lotions, shower gels, candles, you name it and I am probably into it.  I just love the packaging that beauty products come in, its fun for me. Also I have two daughters who both are into beauty products and its fun to hear about the latest trends, products, product reviews, get coupons, etc.  I mean you can be looking at some serious fat francs when your purchasing beauty products for three people.

Also the thing on beauty blogs is you learn little industry tricks, like that Loreal eye shadow is the exact same thing as Armani.  Same shades, made in the same factory everything, so why pay so much for Armani?  You learn little tid bits like that about a lot of products so its fun.

Next we have Russell Brand’s Trews channel.  What can I say its Russell Brand, he is hilarious, brilliant, and quite political.  I enjoy hearing his commentary, he is awesome!  And seriously for a bleeding heart liberal like myself I like to enter an echo chamber every once in a while, there is so much conservative talk and stuff out there sometimes its nice to just listen to my own people!

So those are my current tops. I am subscribed to tons of others and I will share more later. These are just my favs lately and what I’ve currently been into.  Most of these are on my private channel but I will try to share some to my Starbugary You Tube channel so you all can enjoy to! Links are below, Cheers!

Ma Boo Kris’ Channels:



Battleborn 360:




Beauty Blogs: (And Australia you will love Goo Roo she is down under)

Jaclyn Hill:


Goo Roo Beauty:


Make Up Geek:


Politics and Fun:

The Trews:


Share with me, what are your favorite You Tube Channels? Do you have your own channel? Do you have as much fun with You Tube as I do? Share with me!