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Yes yes I’m a bit late, does it really matter?  I am so excited for this year, 2015 is seriously going to be an exciting year for us.

We are going to be Grandparents! Yes 2014 was a great year and we gained a beautiful daughter in law from it.  Honestly it seems like 2014 flew by…

So a lot going on this year, some international travel is planned which I am so excited about it has been too long.  We are considering moving so a new house.  I mean a Grandchild is news enough but yeah we have a lot more going on.

My hopes for this year are that everyone remains as healthy and happy as possible.  That the drama with my misguided compulsive liar relatives ends forever and doesn’t restart.  I found out toward the end of 2014, yeah I think it was in December possibly November about all sorts of crazy lies that had been being spread about.  There is a shit talker if there ever was one and yeah, just pernicious, mean, bad bad stuff.  It makes me wonder too did this individual really think they could lie so much and talk so much merde and that it wouldn’t work its way back?  Especially when you consider that there are family dynamics at play here, seriously as if people wouldn’t just say something…I don’t know, well I do know that if the merde talking was ever meant to be kept “confidential” it wasn’t, then that could have been the whole point?

Nefarious machinations by the delusional and overly dramatic is a new field for me…My hope is that there is none of it this year so knock on wood yeah!

What else…there is a lot coming up but I don’t really want to blog about it right now, I’d rather blog about it later as it happens.  Kind of a boring new years post I know but oh well…Things are going well and we are just so happy!

Ok so I am adding this, I thought about it some more and there is one project that I am working on this year that is SO exciting that I can discuss…It’s a complete and total work in progress so yeah, I am learning Spanish! My Grandbaby will be a Spanish speaker and so in it’s honor (don’t know its gender yet) I am going to learn Spanish too.

There is a  bit of a back story to this.  My Father was a Spanish speaker but for some reason unknown to me he never taught it to us, same goes for my Grandma and well everyone on my Dad’s side of my family.  We didn’t spend a ton of time with them but some, and obviously I spent a ton of time with my Dad but yeah he only spoke English to us.  My entire life people ask me if I am Mexican, I’m not but I must have a bit of that look so I am going all in this year and learning Spanish! My older brother who is a Luinguist and already speaks several languages fluently is going to work on Spanish with me, he already basically speaks it as he is fluent in Italian and they are close, but he has committed to doing all the lessons with me so that should be cool.

I am so excited to embrace my inner Latina!

I blogged at my other blog a post called “Melting Pot” that explains my whole family heritage so go read that if your curious as to why people might think I am Mexican, I’m not but all is explained in that blog for the curious.

What are your New Years goals? Are you excited for 2015?  Were you happy to close out 2014?  Was it a good year for you?  What are your exciting plans for this year?