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So I received a message from a kind soul who reads my blog asking for clarification about some of what I write.  First let me say thank you for the question, thank you for asking me rather than making assumptions.  Second, thank you for reading my blog it is nice to know that someone else relates, understands or even is mildly entertained by my thoughts.

Ok so “Air People” who are they? What are they?  Basically when people or a person get to a point where they are just beyond, they are too annoying, too evil, just too much I mentally turn them into an air person.  At that point they are just air to me they can blow away or not it doesn’t matter as they just don’t matter anymore.

Yes this is a bit extreme and really honestly only one person has earned this so far but there are a few others who are vaporizing into nothingness pretty quickly.  Its just a way to mentally deal with the un dealable…yes I realize that isn’t a real word.  I’m certain that I am not the only person who has had to deal with people who cause so much stress and drama and just unpleasantness that they would prefer they just blow away.  Wishing someone dead isn’t ok with me, its too mean and I don’t feel that anyone has the right to wish that on anyone, I mean we will all eventually die anyway.  So yeah I just mentally turn them into air and they blow away.  Call it a coping mechanism but it works for me.

I had a bit of family drama this week that I hope never happens again.  I was put in a situation that wasn’t fair or right, it all worked out but seriously that can never happen again!

So there you are, Air People are people who I want to blow away because they just aren’t nice.  Also it takes a lot I try to see the good even when its well hidden or selectively hidden from me. If someone gets to air status they earned it.